LeSean McCoy, Philadelphia Eagles, NFL:

Dennis Rodman, NBA: NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman was accused by his ex-wife of giving her a permanent souvenir. And, after frequenting transsexual bars, cross-dressing and, most of all, being Madonna’s boy toy, we’re surprised his genitals didn’t explode on contact with the Material Girl.

Michael Vick: was the latest in a long line of athletes to be hauled in front of court by an ex-girlfriend after supposedly delivering the knock-out blow and, no, we don’t mean his sexual prowess.

Juwan Howard, Michigan Fab Five and NBA: Juwan Howard will always be known as a member of the Fab Five, the greatest collection of freshman and sophomore players college basketball has ever produced. But for a couple of women who sued the Miami Heat power forward, Howard will always be known to them as the man who allegedly gave them genital herpes. He was sued on two separate occasions by women claiming he gave them a present they can never return. And, like the saying goes, where there’s smoke there is fire. And he was reportedly on fire.


Kris Humphries: Kris Humphries: The bumbling estranged husband of Kim Kardashian is being hounded by pervasive rumors that he gave a fling, Kayla Goldberg, genital herpes. Neither the divorce nor the allegations of knowingly spreading STDs have found a resolution as of this report, according to radaronline.com, though the publication says that he strongly refutes the woman’s claim.

Vernon Maxwell
Well it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that Mad Max was once sued for giving some lucky female fan a permanent souvenir. After all, this case amounts to a simple cold sore on Maxwell’s lengthy police record. But the notable part about Vern’s case is that after he was sued, he refused to show up in court. Ever. Does anyone else think Vernon Maxwell is just visiting from Hell?

Cliff Robinson

Morris Peterson is being sued for $1.5 Million by a woman who claims he knowingly infecting her with genital herpes. The ‘herpee’ is Daphne Charlemagne, a teacher and model, who is demanding to be compensated for modeling wages lost as a result of her new STD

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