chris brown blake griffin drake (espys skit)
*We gotta say congrats to Drake, Blake Griffin and Chris Brown for pulling off a pretty funny sketch during the ESPYs Wednesday night.
It was also a chance to see how the make-up of Chris Brown and Drake could be used as fodder for the skit. Let’s just say it added to the funniness of the production.
If you didn’t see it, the skit mainly featured Drake and NBA All-Star Blake Griffin — it positioned the two as friends turned foes who were seeking revenge by playing heinous practical jokes on one another — that’s when Chris Brown shows up. Griffin had snuck in to be Drake’s surgeon during an appendectomy, which would have been bad enough given the circumstances of the skit. Well, that’s when Drake finds out Breezy will actually be the one with the sharp objects in his hand while Drake lied on the operating table.
Chris also poked fun at himself, he said he was “America’s Sweetheart” towards the end of the sketch.)
Take a look and see for yourself:
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