Funniest responses to the LeBron James Hashtag #BeforeLeBronDecides

lebron free agent
Though it has only been a couple of weeks since LeBron James opted out of his contract with the Miami Heat to become a fee agent, it seems as though it has been a marathon wait to find out what he’s going to do.
Will LeBron keep his talents in South Beach and try for a fifth consecutive NBA Finals appearance with the Heat? Or will he return as the prodigal son to his hometown in Northeast Ohio (Akron and Cleveland), the region that birthed his international fame but has since spat his name onto the sidewalk when he left after seven years.
People are so tired of waiting that social media has birthed the hilarious hashtag, #BeforeLeBronDecides, and listed the things that will happen before he finally — finally — makes his decision.
The New York Post did a satirical piece on LBJ, jokingly saying that LeBron will make an announcement at the United Nations because of the global ramifications of his impending decision. James’ drama and intrigue has impacted not only the sport of basketball, but the entire sports world, as well as business and pop culture for that matter.

Take a look at many of the other funniest responses below:



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