Ray J Gives Kim K worst wedding gift possible

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We sense a Kanye West-Ray J throw-down coming down the pipeline.
If Yeezy wanted to lay hands on Brandy’s little brother when he audaciously dropped the disrespectful single “I Hit it First,” — a reminder to the world know that he had sexual relations with Kim Kardashian before Kanye — then Kardashian’s husband-to-be is going to definitely be anxious to stomp the reality show/rapper into the ground for the wedding gift Ray J offered to give Kimmie Cakes.
Ray J told entertainment blog tmz.com that he is giving Kim Kardashian a $47,000 check — which is the amount of his 2014 profits from the epic porn tape that made Kardashian an international star and birthed Ray J’s reality TV career.
So successful is that sex tape it is still hauling in a fortune seven years after it’s release.
Check out the size of the checks he’s getting on a monthly basis from Vivid Entertainment:

  • January $6,135.60
  • February $20,097.31
  • March $9,674.76
  • April $10,931.52
  • TOTAL: $46,840.13

And this is just Ray J’s cut. Just imagine the amount Kardashian and Vivid Entertainment are hauling in.
Overall, the tape has reeled in over $50 million, making it one of the most successful amateur sex tape videos of all time.
Ray J says if Kardashian rejects the wedding gift, he will donate the money to one of her favorite charities. That’s a lot of money to just give away on a whim, but according to celebrityworth.com, Ray J is worth upwards of $6 million. Kardashian has yet to respond to her ex-boyfriend’s offer.
But, with all this charity, we have to wonder what Kanye West is thinking right about now. It doesn’t take much to make him angry and this is sure to get his ire up.

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