beyonce and jay z*Why should Jay Z and Beyoncé have to give us a statement about a private matter of their lives?
I can hear the naysayers now, “They are celebrities and therefore have given up the right to any privacy.”
Most will defend such an implication mostly because candidly speaking ‘we the people’ are nosy!  We have so much time on our hands that the business of celebrities seem to overtake more of our lives than we care to admit.
I lost count of the post, threads, blogs and funny antics that were displayed about the Jay Z/Solange physical altercation.
Many of us: watched it, talked about it, and some even shared it adding our own opinions and anecdotes to the situation.  I can’t help but ask did anyone ever consider the feelings of the parties involved? Beyoncé and Jay Z are no doubt superstars in their own right and because of the enormity of their talent and influence we the public is intrigued by their personal lives and lifestyle. But they are also human and deserve privacy and respect. They entertain us and their talents bring joy into our lives in various ways then how at the same time we become so vicious and presumptuous in taking pleasure in what appears to be their personal family matter. I must have missed the memo that celebrity status excludes one from private moments. This incident goes beyond stardom and digs into some familiar ground that many of us can relate – misunderstandings among loved ones.  There was no audio on that tape; therefore we can’t determine whatreally happened. But we can decide and decipher from the video footage that there are problems that need to be resolved.  But candidly speaking it’s not our business! It’s hard to live your life in front of the camera at all times. We all have a need for private moments and that includes Beyoncé and Jay Z.
If there is any truth to the supposed tweet suggesting domestic violence in the marriage of Jay Z and Beyoncé, this problem goes beyond an elevator incident stolen on camera and shared with the public; and trends far more serious into the need for professional assistance. I would like to add that the footage does not in any way show or indicate any violence between Jay Z or Beyoncé towards one another – it’s very sad that people are so desperate for drama and controversy that they will read and contrive more into a situationthan what is actually presented. However, Domestic Violence is real for celebrities and lay people alike.  What would be most important in this situation is problem solving whatever vices they are dealing with as a couple and as a family instead of exploiting and assuming a personal matter and making your opinions public.  More importantly, we can’t jump to any conclusions, as we so quickly like to do.  The facts are sketchy and we may never know the truth of what really happened and that’s okay.  This is a private matter and the Carter’s have every right to handle it as such without fans feeling some needfor an explanation. Have we gotten so cold and heartless that we don’t’ understand the need to handle some matters in private?
There are many family dimensions to this situation. There are sisters involved, which could mean there is some parental involvement, and there is a husband and wife relationship, combined with the in-lawfactor.  All of these are important family dynamics that have come into question since the media explosion. When we care about people, we should be more concerned with their well-being then with their demise. True fans of Jay Z & Beyoncé should understand andrespect their privacy. True fans would give them the time needed to deal with family and/or marriage issues. Candidly speaking this incident could be just the jolt needed forcing all parties to take a serious look at themselves and make necessary changes.  Yeah I know there will be many that won’t understand or agree with me so they can satisfy their own guilty pleasures. The point is simply this, celebrity status or not, we all deserve some privacy to deal with our issues! They seem to have moved past the incident, now it is time for us to do the same.
I appreciate the talents of this family and I support their need for privacy.  I hope that people would stop fueling the fire but rather pray and encourage healing and restoration.  Seek good and not entertainment at another person’s expense.  We have to lift each other up instead of kicking them further down.  Whatever the problem is God has your back if you choose to accept Him!  Beyoncé and Jay Z’s talents are on a worldwide stage but their personal lives are not.
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