White Supremacist Fueling Hate Crimes Worldwide

In an ideal world, people would be treated equally and without regard to skin color.  In our current world, however, people continue to be treated unequally and, sometimes, killed – based on skin color.  Throughout the world, white supremacists continue to attack people of color.  For the most part, the attacks occur in countries that are majority Caucasian, with the victims being members of an ethnic minority group
In the United States racial attacks continue in the form of violent killings, as well as racially motivated police brutality.  Similarly, in Australia, police brutalize the darker Aborigine ethic group, who are the native inhabitants.  Russia appears to be most hostile towards ethnic minorities; with a series of attacks that have prompted a hate crimes law.
Indeed, Russia appears to be the country with the most racial attacks in recent years.  The beatings and killings of ethnic minorities and dark-skinned foreigners occur so often it is rarely even covered in the media, according to a report by Detroit Free Press foreign correspondent Mark McDonald.  He reports that skinhead white supremacist gangs, on a regular basis, are randomly attacking Indians, Africans, and darker-skinned Russians.  There have been so many attacks that a Russian web site has been set up to keep a log of them.
The reasons for these attacks are many.  In addition to subscribing to a flawed belief in white supremacy, racial attackers are usually poor, ignorant, uneducated, and looking to blame their problems on a minority group.  Combining these factors with an environment of extreme nationalism and patriotism, confused supremacists go on the attack to relieve their frustration with their own situation.
What is occurring in Russia and elsewhere should be a lesson to countries throughout the world.  The flawed ideology of white supremacy must be confronted and defeated.  Our government and business leaders must invest in uplifting its citizens out of poverty and ignorance, and must set a patriotic tone of equality and justice for all.
Judge Greg Mathis is Chairman of the Rainbow PUSH-Excel Board

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