For a Cool $4 Million, Chris Webber’s House Could Be Yours

Chris Webber-Malibu-Compound (2)

Got $4 million lying around? If you do, that’s just enough to help you live very, very large, just like former NBA star-turned-broadcaster Chris Webber. In fact, for the $4 million you can own C-Webb’s home, which is on the market in star-studded Malibu, California.

From the days of the long shorts, black socks, and bald head as a Fab Five Michigan Wolverine member, C-Webb has been on top of the pop culture landscape for 23 years. Now he wants you to feel the good life. Really. If you’ve ever said, “I want to live in Malibu and look out of the window at the beautiful blue Pacific Ocean,” well don’t fret, because Webber can help you out.

The actual asking price for C-Webb’s fabulous digs is a cool $3.9995 million, but hey, at that level, who’s counting? We’re talking about 2,910 square feet of pure luxury with 180-degree coastline views from not only the inside, but also from the deck and the garden as well. Never mind that 2,910 feet isn’t an awful lot of living space, buy hey, it’s Malibu, home to such stars as Halle Berry, Cicely Tyson, John McEnroe and Howie Mandell.

C-Webb’s place is sweet because there are walls made of glass, beautiful shimmering wood floors and stone counters. This masterpiece of a home also offers an office/den, a library/study, three bedrooms and three bathrooms. Finally, to top it all off in addition to the ocean views you’ll have a lap pool, a spa and a sunning area.

We can only guess that for C-Webb, all good things must come to an end, and it’s time for the former Sacramento King to move on from this house. So, if you have any extra cash stashed away in that old mattress or piggy bank for the perfect house on the California coast, then please take note. I’m sure the listing agent Ellen Francisco of Coldwell Banker and C-Webb will both be appreciative that this writer was able to help that Malibu ocean view dream of yours come true.

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