Study Finds Black Fathers Are Active Parents, Despite Stereotypes

father and son at windowA new study was recently unveiled that shows Black fathers are more active in their children’s lives than any other race in similar situations.  For those who live with their children, 75 percent of black fathers compared to 60 percent white and 45 percent Latino would help with tasks such as bathing and diapering. The study was based on 3,900 fathers.
On “NewsOne Now,” Fatherhood Corp. founder Kenneth Braswell says that black fathers are vital and active in their children’s lives, despite negative stereotypes and reiterated that media images make up for a minority of black fathers.
“I think we get way caught up in the drama,” Braswell said. “We watch way too much Maury in the daytime. We listen to too many tabloid stories and the horror stories of child support and visitation.”
Braswell also told a story about how he just recently forgave his own father for being absent in his life.”When you start talking to folks,” he said, “it’s kind of difficult for them to talk about their fathers without talking about the pain that they feel from something their fathers left in their lives.”
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