Fulton County Election Day Update


The Fulton County Office of Information and Public Affairs has released an update on voting so far in the county’s elections.

All but one precinct opened on time. Precinct 06R, located at First Presbyterian Church, 1328 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, opened 28 minutes late. The Department of Registration & Elections are currently seeking a court order to allow this precinct to remain open until 8:28 p.m.

Turnout has been steady. There have been no reports of long lines.

The Department of Registration & Elections has received reports of an issue related to Atlanta precincts 02H and 02I. For this municipal election, these precincts were assigned to vote at Epworth Methodist Church in the city of Atlanta. Some voters at this location have experienced precinct assignment issues for Atlanta School Board races.

The Department of Registration & Elections is working with DeKalb County and Kennesaw State University’s Center for Election Systems to identify the source of this issue. In the meantime, this location has been provided with additional provisional ballots to accommodate any voters who were affected by this issue. Each provisional ballot will be counted as provided by law.

Any voter who feels they have an incorrect ballot should notify a poll worker immediately, before casting their ballot.

Polls will remain open until 7 p.m. in all locations except the city of Atlanta, which will remain open until 8 p.m.


For what races is Fulton County conducting elections today?

City of Atlanta – Mayor, City Council & Municipal Court Judges (including Atlanta-in-DeKalb)
Atlanta Board of Education
City of Alpharetta – City Council
City of East Point – Mayor & City Council
City of Fairburn – Mayor, City Council & Redevelopment Powers
City of Hapeville – City Council
City of Johns Creek – Mayor & City Council
City of Roswell – Mayor & City Council
City of Sandy Springs – Mayor & City Council
City of Union City – Mayor & City Council

How many voters participated in early voting?

8,490 (unofficial)

How many poll workers are supporting today’s election?


How many registered voters are in Fulton County?
Active – 523,289; Inactive – 152,176

Where will results be available?

Results will be available online at www.fultonelections.com soon after polls close tonight.


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