Detroit Police Chief James Craig Announces Changes To The Detroit Police Department


Detroit Police Chief James Craig addressed the media this morning announcing changes taking place in the Detroit Police Department, in an effort to eliminate what he stated as the “top heavy” days in the department.

Chief Craig stated that accountability is the word of the day and that that department’s expectation is to achieve 100% compliance, and announced the following changes and promotions:

The department will now have two Assistant Chief of Police; Asst. Chief James White and newly appointed Asst. Chief Eric Jones and has eliminated seven commanders.

Districts are going away. Captains will lead precincts. That is an institutional change to crack crime in neighborhoods.

Also, former Fox 2 news assignment editor, Kelly Minor, has been appointed Director of Media Relations.

The chief continued stating, “We’re sitting in a 5% reduction in overall crime but the works continues…” he also stated, with the Attorney General and the Obama administration coming next week, he is “hoping for some help for the department”

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