Tigers Sweep Mets, Scherzer Wins All-Star Rematch


After Verlander struggled at home versus the Twins, the Tigers rebounded on the road against the Mets.  Fister, Porcello and Scherzer were each able improve their records in the series.  The Mets didn’t show many signs of life at the plate during the series as they only scored four runs in three games.

Miguel Cabrera continued his incredible season going 7-13 in the series with two of those hits being homeruns.  It’s hard to believe that his numbers are much better than last year’s at this point through August 25th.  During last year’s Triple Crown season he was batting .324 with 32 homeruns and 106 RBIs.  This year his average is up at .360 and he has 42 homeruns with 128 RBI’s.

Miguel Cabrera is one of the best players in baseball right now and before his career is all said and done he should be one of the best ever.  His skills with the bat seem to be unrivaled.  He is a man among boys in this league and Detroit fans need to take the time to appreciate what they are witnessing.  Cabrera is history in the making.

Matt Scherzer won his 19th game on Saturday against the Mets.  The game was a rematch of the All-Star game against Matt Harvey.  The Tigers batters were able to get to Harvey but the Mets looked discouraged against Scherzer.

Scherzer gave up three hits and walked four while striking out eleven over six innings of work.  He also added to the scoreboard with his bat.  Scherzer had an RBI double off Harvey in the second inning.  Harvey on the other hand was knocked around for 13 hits but only allowed two runs.

The season is winding down and playoffs are on the horizon.  Jim Leyland is going to have a tough decision when the time comes.  What will his playoff rotation be?

Scherzer has outperformed the staff and has done more than enough to justify starting game one.  Justin Verlander’s struggles this year have left many fans in doubt of his reliability.  But he is still Justin Verlander and remains one of the best pitchers in recent years.

The issue will most likely not be who to start game one, it will be what game Verlander will start.  Anibal Sanchez has pitched well enough to get the second game.  He is 11-7 with an ERA of 2.45 through August 25th with 152 strikeouts.

This would put Verlander as the game three starter.  Fister would be the probable game four starter and there is really no justification for starting him before Verlander.  This rotation will be one of the main strengths going into the postseason.

The tough thing about this decision is that Verlander is still former MVP and Cy Young winner Justin Verlander.  He is still the same pitcher that dominated this league a year ago.  He is one year removed from producing in the playoffs until the World Series.

Whatever the case is, having too many good pitchers isn’t really a problem.  The Tigers open a four game series at home with Oakland on Monday.

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