Friends and family of NBA player Lamar Odom, who is married to Khloé Kardashian, reportedly say that Odom has been missing for three days on an all-out crack binge, according to TMZ.

On their now-defunct E! network reality show ”Khloe & Lamar,” it was revealed that Odom’s father, Joe, is a heroin addict.

And now, according to sources, it seems that Odom has also been battling his own drug demons for the last two years. Consequently, when Odom reportedly refused to take part in an intervention, Kardashian booted him out of their home last Wednesday.

According to published reports, a year ago Odom went in to rehab to deal with his crack addiction, but left the facility after only three weeks. Still, once the basketball season began, Odom was allegedly able to remain drug-free…until the season ended.

Unfortunately, Odom is said to have returned to his drug addiction. In addition to his alleged drug problems, Odom has made headlines over the past few months for wild partying and alleged infidelity in his three-year marriage to Kardashian.

As for what is causing the alleged drug abuse, the pressure Odom has been under in order to perform on the court as a former L.A. Clipper and current free agent may be a key factor. A source told Hollywood Life, “He’s almost out of a job, he’s just trying to keep his head above water. He’s got a lot of pressure on him to lose weight and get in shape so his mobility can improve on the court.”

The unidentified source also said that Odom’s drug addiction “it is in his blood [because of his father’s drug addiction]. He’s [the source] seen people turn to drugs when things weren’t going so well in their lives, so he did what was familiar.”

In 2001, Odom faced drug accusations when he was suspended for violating the NBA drug policy twice in eight months.  He tearfully admitted to smoking marijuana stating, “I chose to experiment with marijuana, that’s why I’m here right now,” he said, after stating he doesn’t have a drug problem. “I’ll be receiving counseling, that’s not rehab. I feel like I can get through it. I know I can get through it. I’m strong enough. Nothing I can say is going to make people believe me, I’ve just got to do it.”

As for Odom and Kardashian’s marriage, according to published reports, they are “effectively” separated, even though they are yet to contact a divorce lawyer. In fact, Kardashian is said to be calling for the end of their marriage unless Odom agrees to get help for his drug addiction.

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