Track By Track Review: Deitrick Haddon-’R.E.D. (Restoring Everything Damaged)’

R.E.D. is Deitrick  Haddon’s  sixth album with his current label (RCA Inspiration, formerly Verity Records), and it is his 12th album overall.  In addition to this  new album he will be the star of a new docu-series “The Preachers Of L.A.” He is excited about both projects, which continues to spread the Gospel with his signature stratospheric urban contemporary sound seasoned with soaring vocals.  Haddon describes R.E.D. as transparent, bold, and real! The album hits September 3.

Here is a  track by track guide to what will be defined as one of the most transparent albums to ever hit gospel music. You must add this to your music collection.

“R.E.D. Interlude”  – A  honest look at headlines, descriptions and all critiques of Deitrick.

“Paint It All Red”–  This track is a prayer plea. The harmony of “everything in my life I paint it all red.”  Deitrick lays it out in the open, with no sweetener. At first listen you flinch at the brutal honesty of the song.   He details all that he has done and faced.

“Feel A Breakthrough”-  A great sound system track.

“Victory”-  A1980′s Prince like jam that makes you want to dance.

“God @ Work” Destin Monet Haddon- This is your sit in the car and hum. It’s guaranteed  small children will be singing it.

“Say A Little Prayer”- This is the blues track and will make any blues singer happy. You can hear shades of Al Green. It reminds me of “Love and Happiness”.

“You’re With Me”– This is the love song that makes you throw your hands up and say, “Amen!” It’s a song of a sinner who feels left and bereft of everything except the Lord. When Deitrick sings the words “Lord.. I have no doubt that you are with me.” You hear the raw honesty in it.

“Handles This”– The song opens up with the lyrics ,,”I was just a good man in an awkward position.” It is a thought provoker.

“Waiting (All Night)” This is a traditional gospel song. It has with you of a Motown vibe. You can almost see the guys in suits and ties.  Sam Cooke and The Soul Stirrers would have sung this song. Jesus Remember Me is a perfect equation.There is even a touch of Dobie Gray in the vocal delivery.

“Have Your Way”–  Upbeat encouraging track that reminds you that you are a creation God.

“Sweet Jesus”- This is a praise worship song that reminds you of Contemporary Christian singers 4Him. It a biblical lesson  that a parent can use for home.

“Keep Yo Mind”– This is an in the pocket groove that reminds why we love Deitrick’s writing. This is your Saturday morning clean your house track. You can’t feel bad after listening to this. The chorus of “Keep Your Mind On Jesus” is a great call and response.

“Strong” – Can be considered  a theme song for Generation X  that faces the hard times.  For many who can recall coming of age in the 70′s and 80′sthe riff is familiar.   The song opens  with a battle cry that “I be working hard for  the kingdom/ I don’t do it for the money.” He adds a rhyme that is infectious that sticks with you long after the song is over. You can also here the plea of Deitrick who sings the words: ” I may have dropped my shield but I still got my sword. I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken and I’m not tired yet.”

“Just As I Am”–  Is an emotional soul bearing personal song. It is the song of a man who is contrite and places the Lord first.  He sings the words “I am dedicated to call. Only you Lord can put me back together.”

Church Rock” is just a fun song that you can enjoy. It is a name check  from DHaddy. Favorite lines “Got it from the saints/Took it to The Hood and broke it in.” Just a song that reminds that we should have joy.

Yes, it’s a keeper add this to your play list.

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