UPDATE: Duggan Court of Appeals Decision


UPDATE: After receiving word that the Michigan Court of Appeals has affirmed Judge Popke’s ruling that he is ineligible to appear on the August 6th ballot for Mayor, Mike Duggan will take the rest of today to consider his options and address the media at 10:00 AM Wednesday, June 19, 2012 at his campaign headquarters at 2751 E. Jefferson Ave.

According to our sources, the Court of Appeals ruled against Mike Duggan in his case to become Mayor of Detroit.

Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Lita Popke ruled Tuesday afternoon in favor of mayoral challenger Tom Barrow and activist Robert Davis that Duggan should be removed from the ballot in the upcoming primary election because of his residency.
“The court finds that the Detroit City Charter’s provisions regarding the qualifications for elective office are clear and unambiguous. The candidate must have been a qualified and registered voter in the city of Detroit for one year before he filed for office,” Judge Popke said in her ruling.



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