Solange: In the shadows but still thriving



Being the sister of a megastar recording artist (and actress) can’t be easy, specifically if you, too, are pursuing a career in the music business.
Solange Knowles, sister of the iconic Beyoncé Knowles, has plenty of first-hand experience. (And by the way, if you think her first name is unusual, consider that her middle name Piaget.)
Despite her credentials, as singer-songwriter, actress, model and more, the general public still thinks of Solange Knowles as “Beyoncé’s little sister.” Comparisons are inevitable, with Solange more often than not coming up short, unfairly since they are very different in style and approach.
She has won critical acclaim for her three albums, “Solo Star,” “Sole Responsibility” and her greatest commercial success, the oddly titled “Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams.”
In 2009 she received a Soul Train Music Award nomination in the Best New Artist category, as well as a BET Award nomination for the BET Centric Award.
She has made many television appearances and appeared in two movies, “Johnson Family Vacation” and “Bring It On: All or Nothing.”
Solange also paints and is a model for House of Deréon, the clothing line created by the Knowles family. And recently she launched her own record label, Saint Records, with distribution handled by Sony.
Although she understands why people compare her to her sister (whom she greatly admires and considers a role model), there are times when it can be a irritating.
“I’m not her and never will be,” she once proclaimed.
One difference between the two siblings is that Solange has a far more adventurous spirit when it comes to hair and attire. She has raised many eyebrows
“Any decision I make is based on myself,” she said.
Solange Knowles married Daniel Smith in February of 2004 and they have a son, Daniel Julez Smith, Jr. The couple, only 17 and 19 respectively when they married, have since divorced.

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