There is a new party trend shaping the Atlanta club scene. If you have never experienced a Day Party it is a great way to kick start a night of bar hopping or dancing the night away at the club of your choice.

For others, going to a party in the daytime, gives you the opportunity to party like a rock star— under the sunlight rather than the moonlight.

If you haven’t tried the day party scene, a good place to introduce do you to the daylight shindig is the Indigo Bar.

Presented by Prophecy events, “DAYJAVU: The Saturday Daytime Experience” at Indigo Bar takes place every Saturday.

Located at 619 Edgewood Ave. in the Old Fourth Ward area, the Indigo Bar is sure to get patrons in a party groove and set the tone for the night to come. Even if the night has no plans, but you want to feel like you got it in, the Indigo Bar is worth a visit.

However, it is wise to RSVP prior to getting there or you will be slapped with a $20 fee at the door, in addition to the $7 valet parking fee, although those upfront costs are typical here in Atlanta.

Nevertheless, once you get in, take the elevator to the second floor. As you are traveling upwards you will be enticed by the sounds of partygoers and a DJ looking to turn your day into an event that is usually reserved for the night.

Right off the elevator you can tell the place is cool, and with Atlanta’s weather as hot as it has been lately, there are plenty of fans and refreshing drinks to keep you from sweating out a weave or a linen ensemble.

The place fills up quickly, so if you are interested in ensuring you have a place to sit and people-watch, try reserving the V.I.P section.

The crowd is your typical grown and sexy group for a rooftop venue. Indigo bar does attract a range of age groups, but they are all dressed fashionably and ready to boogie rather than throw blows.

Again, the venue is really nice. The view from the rooftop isn’t the most breathtaking; however, it is attractive and adds to the appeal of the décor and daytime festivities.

The spot opens from the three o’clock hour until around eight. For some that feel they did it big and the only party they have to go to next is at Club Bed then by all means go, you deserve it. But if the night has just begun and you have some more pep in your step, I highly recommend Old Skool Saturday.

Now just because they call it “Old School” doesn’t make it old. Furthermore, there is nothing “old” about an Old Skool Saturday party.

On June 16 the OSS franchise held its regularly scheduled second Saturday of the month party at the Hyatt Regency on Peachtree St.

If you have never gone to an OSS party it is a well-organized event that caters to individuals who enjoy the ’80s and ’90s music, which they advertise as “the soundtrack of your life.”

According to its website, the dress code is strictly enforced. Men are generally well-dressed while the women are chic, comfortable and very sexy.

Price is the best in town. If you purchase your tickets in advance, the cover is only $10. If you wait, the fee is $20.

Attendance is usually in the thousands, so it is easy to get overwhelmed by all the folk cutting a rug out on the dance floor, located in the ball room of the hotel.

I guess so many people go because they trust OSS, and considering it has been around for 10 years, it’s not so bad.

With so many people at an OSS party, it is a beautiful thing to see everybody mingling or dancing the night away to music that “they just don’t make like this anymore.”

The only caveat to an OSS party is that it occurs only once a month, typically on the second Saturday at a location posted on their website.

The OSS website is the best source to determine when the next party will be and where it will be, to purchase tickets and to look at pictures of past events.

It’s probably a good thing an OSS party is only once a month. After going to a Day Party at the Indigo Bar and then to the Hyatt Regency to represent for the ’80s and ’90s you will need three weeks to recover.

During the recovery process, it’s not a bad idea to get back in the groove of things and check out the day party or some of the other events at the Indigo Bar.

Besides, if you consider yourself a rock star you have to let that starlight dazzle during the day and the night.

By Catherine Witherspoon

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