Senator Hunter Introduces Bill to Prevent Firework Disturbances

Senator Tupac A. Hunter (D-Detroit) introduced legislation today that would give local governments the power to regulate the use of fireworks any time every day of the year. While Michigan law was amended to expand the sale and use of once-illegal fireworks in the state, there are currently no state laws that regulate their use the day before, the day of, and the day after federal holidays.

“Fireworks in Michigan should be used for celebrating, not disturbing the peace, and this bill will help balance that,” said Senator Hunter. “Without any current local or state regulation on when and where these loud and dangerous fireworks can be used during the holiday period, Michigan’s fireworks law is creating a nuisance for many local communities. My bill would allow local governments to regulate the use of these high-powered fireworks in their jurisdictions on any day and at any time.”

Currently, state law allows local governments to regulate the use of fireworks 335 days out of the year, with the ten federal holidays and the days before and after them constituting an amnesty period where they can be used regulation-free. Senator Hunter’s bill would give local municipalities the power to regulate the use of these fireworks any time on those days, enabling them to oversee the use of fireworks year-round.

“Our current state law has been allowing a fireworks free-for-all under the guise of celebration, and I have heard from many seniors, working men and women and parents in my district asking for something to be done. During these thirty days, they currently have no recourse to prevent the use—and many times, abuse–of fireworks in their neighborhoods, and that needs to be addressed. This legislation would create an avenue for local government to regulate the use of these fireworks in order to uphold the rights and address the concerns of everyone involved.”

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