Will Smith has done pretty much every kind of movie genre there is. The living legend recruited his son Jaden Smith for his new sci-fi thriller After Earth which hits theaters on May 31.

The 42-year-old actor had a pretty big hand in the creative process behind the film, but some of his ideas didn’t necessarily make it to the big screen.

Will recently sat down with us to talk about some of the work behind the movie, as well as how he ties the artistic process into the life of his family.

He dabbles a little bit into what it’s like to be around Kanye West and how they share artistic ideas.

On what it’s like going on vacation with Yeezy and Kim Kardashian:

“Just hangin’ out, man. Exploring the world. Just taking a little relaxation time. I love Kanye, man. I love his artistic mind. That dude will say anything and do anything. He has a comfort in the studio that, as a artist, is refreshing for me, because in my mind I’ve put myself into a little bit of a box that I’m starting to open up from.”

Will even tries his best to make a vine video, but has a little bit of trouble. The ending result is a must-see!

Check out the interview in the video above and check out After Earth in theaters May 31.

by Lindsey Paul for Global Grind Staff

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