Cedar Point unveils The GateKeeper

Ride warriors get ready! Cedar Point unveils it’s newest ride–The GateKeeper.

Located at the front of the park, GateKeeper, will forever change the landscape of the Cedar Point Peninsula. This mammoth ride will be the longest wing roller coaster and boast the longest drop of any wing roller coaster on the planet!

Riders sit suspended from the train as if on the wings of a plane, giving them the sensation of flight. They’ll dangle 170 feet above the Cedar Point Beach before experiencing a sharp, 180-degree turn and plummeting to within six feet above the ground. Six unique inversions and rolling hills help create the feeling of weightlessness. Adding to the excitement, riders will soar through two massive keyhole towers that guard the park’s redesigned main entrance, twisting just in time to nearly miss them at speeds of almost 70 mph. 

Check out the GateKeeper for yourself! Cedar Point opens Saturday, May 11th.

The Wall Street Journal contributed to this report.

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