New Evidence Introduced in Jordan Davis Murder Case Including Pictures, 911 Calls


New evidence has been introduced in the case of 17-year-old Jordan Davis who was shot and killed by Michael Dunn, including phone calls to 911, Davis’ toxicology report and pictures of the crime scene.

Dunn’s attorney told the AJC on Tuesday that the “Stand Your Ground” law will likely factor heavily in his client’s defense. Dunn has been charged with first-degree murder for Davis’ death as well as three counts of attempted murder. The 45-year-old software engineer from South Florida, who remains in a Jacksonville jail, pleaded not guilty to all counts.

The shooting reportedly happened following a dispute over Davis’ music being too loud.

Defense attorney Cory Strolla insists Dunn was acting in self-defense, but so far police have not recovered a shotgun the South Florida man said was pointed at him before he allegedly fired at least eight bullets into an SUV filled with four people, hitting Davis twice and killing him.

The latest evidence introduced shows six people called 911 minutes after the Nov. 24 shooting.

“May I please have the ambulance please? Someone has been shot,” said one caller.

So far 34 people are listed to testify about the events that took place the night Davis was shot. More than 50 law enforcement personnel will also be called to talk about what they saw at the crime scene that night.

Strolla said the only one of Davis’ friends to call 911 did not ask for police assistance.

“The kid is as cool as a cucumber,” he said. “If someone had shot at you unprovoked wouldn’t you be calling the police?”

Strolla said the gun Dunn claimed was aimed at him was not recovered because the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office “never looked for it.”

Though the names of the callers are redacted, the calls may paint a picture of what happened.

“Who shot him?” asked the dispatcher in another call.

“No, I do not, but please send help right away. We need help,” said the caller.

No one mentions Dunn by name, but the call in which his vehicle was spotted is included in the new evidence.

“We had shots fired in the parking lot, the person left, but we did get a license plate,” said one caller.

According to sheriff’s deputies, Dunn said he fled the scene with his girlfriend because he feared for his safety. He was arrested the following day. Dunn has no previous criminal history and told deputies he had asked the teens to turn down their music, which prompted a verbal altercation.

Newly released pictures also show the bullet ridden red Durango Jordan Davis was riding in, shell casings littering the ground and a blood stained sweatshirt.

Davis’ toxicology report, which came up clean according to First Coast News, was also included in the new evidence. His cause of death is listed as multiple gunshot wounds.

John Phillips, the attorney representing Davis’ family in a civil case told the AJC that there is no proof that anyone in the SUV discarded or hid a shotgun, as the defense has claimed and that does not bode well for Dunn’s prospects.

“In order for [Dunn] to claim self-defense,” Phillips said, “there better have been a gun in that car.”

Davis is buried in Marietta, where he lived part-time with his mother.


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