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Hello, Detroit!

I’d like to think Emily T. Gail and I are kindred spirits. To date, my entire publishing career has been steeped in her simple slogan: “Say nice things about Detroit.” History tells us there were plenty of terrible (but true) things to say about Detroit in the 1970s when she launched her campaign. This was a post-riot Detroit, grappling with a massive exodus of its population and an incalculable value in jobs, taxes and spending. So sure, I get it, saying nice things about Detroit was not easy then — and its not all that easy now. With the looming emergency financial manager and dwindling census numbers, one could say it’s nearly impossible to see the good in the bad; however, it is vital.
Over the years, I have had the pleasure of creating positive content about Detroit. And I have learned that saying “nice things” is equal parts declaration and affirmation. It is the art of looking into the mayhem and seeing the miracles. These uplifting stories give us Detroiters a dose of hope and a sense of pride. As a born and bred daughter of this town, it is my mission to supply readers with fascinating stories about people who believe in this city and the places that make it amazing.

This week it is an honor to join the esteemed staff of the Michigan Chronicle and serve as the lifestyle editor. This section will feature the latest local news in dining, beauty, fashion, health, fitness and travel. Each week these pages will be replenished with informative and provocative coverage of exciting, entertaining and relevant issues that echo every aspect of the Michigan Chronicle readers’ fascinating lives.

Stay tuned Detroit, I promise to entertain, enlighten and encourage.

Stepping in Style,

R.J. Barnhill

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