Best resources for finding a job in Detroit

With the current demand for work largely outweighing the need for workers, it’s tough to find a job in Detroit.

If you’re like most, surfing Monster and CareerBuilder tirelessly for prospective employers has run its course. Figuring out where to apply seems a hard enough task, not to mention getting an interview. But, it might not be as difficult as you think. Employing the right skills with a eye-catching resume and cover letter can help tremendously. In other cases, it’s a strand of “good luck” that might be needed to give you that extra edge against the odds.

Does luck really exist when it comes to finding work? Whether or not, one thing is for sure. There are certain resources available in our area that will help you to land that job you’ve been looking for.

1. Detroit Recruiter

This website offers job seekers not just a look at the national job board, but also local newspaper classifieds. Employees list jobs on the site and search the database of resumes. Candidates posts resume profiles at no charge, and can search and apply for jobs. Job searches can be filtered according to distance, anywhere from a five to 250 mile radius. Metro-Detroit recruiter websites can help you narrow down the search even further.

2. Lift Women’s Resource Center
16180 Meyers Road
Detroit, MI 48235
(313) 345-9065

LIFT has been in operation since 1992 and provides services to women who are living in domestic abuse situations and homeless shelters as well as those undergoing drug and alcohol rehabilitation. The program helps women get on their own feet and take control of their lives for the betterment of not just themselves but also their families, their jobs and society in general. Members receive assistance in searching for jobs and building their resumes. Information on money management and decision-making skills is also provided. Regular weekly sessions on hygiene, avoiding relapse and personal responsibility offer women the support they need to stride through various stages of their journey to self-sufficiency.

3. Michigan Works!
Dearborn Service Center
6451 Schaefer Road, Second Floor
Dearborn, MI 48126
(313) 945-8380

As the nation’s first unified workforce development system, it matches employers and job seekers according to each’s needs. Michigan Works! has over 100 service centers in the state that coordinate with individuals to help get them the jobs they want and need. Providing leads on current openings, centers help prospective applicants with completing resumes and cover letters. They also offer assessment of skills and career potential, and provide services related to occupational training and financial aid. Centers also hold helpful workshops throughout the year.

4. Operation ABLE of Michigan
4750 Woodward Ave., Suite 201
Detroit, MI 48201
(313) 832-0922

Operation ABLE is a program that caters to middle-age and older workers. It provides assistance to those who are seeking employment and want to maintain their eligibility. Providing several workshops and seminars, the organization aims to help individuals develop skills needed to find a job. Operation ABLE holds an annual job fair giving its members a chance to connect with prospective employers. Among its most helpful resources include certification courses in computers and office administration. Services such as individual counseling, skills assessment and mock interviews are also provided. Fees are determined based on service type and the worker’s current situation.

5. Pure Michigan Talent Connect
300 N. Washington Square
Lansing, MI 48913
(888) 522-0103

The program that used to be the Michigan Talent Bank has upgraded not only its name but also its services. The full-service job board allows employment seekers to post their profiles, resumes, and search jobs according to detailed criteria. It provides additional services to those in specialized situations such as veterans and those who were part of mass layoffs. The website also supplies its users with useful information related to mentoring, entrepreneurship and navigating the state’s unemployment system. Other services include personalized job searches by skill set, access to and development of existing skills, and a new tool to envision your career costs and timeline.

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