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I’m still waiting on music’s biggest night, because the 55th Annual Grammy Awards were not it. I wish I could blame it on the newly enforced dress code implemented by CBS, but the Grammys were boring last year too. I’m sure the network and the Grammy “powers that be” will considered the night a success. No wardrobe malfunctions, no obscene comments, no interrupted speeches. The night went off without a hitch. But DEAR GOD! There were only three performances worth seeing, the nominees were garbage, and the energy in the room was nonexistent. I’m not saying that the awards should be scandalous, but the Grammys hypes up these epic “Grammy-moments” and the kept falling flat. Here’s a recap of music’s lamest night of the year.

Taylor Swift opened the show, and while ¬†she looked cute, her “Country-lite” performace was awkward,t,stiff and unimpressive. Pretty much set the tone for the whole night.

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