That was about all Mitt Romney had in the Monday night foreign policy debate with President Barack Obama. “I agree with President Obama,” Romney said more than a few times.

Romney’s goal for the evening was to get through the debate on foreign policy without scaring women and looking like a bully who would drop a bomb on anybody that didn’t agree with him.

He got through it, but that’s about all. He was clearly outmatched by President Obama’s clear, forceful response to the questions from CBS’ Bob Schafer, who gave both of them all sorts of rope to hang themselves.

Early on Romney seemed caught in a loop of reciting talking points without being able to get out. It was quite unnerving. He appeared nervous and uncertain. Not a good look for a bully.

I agree with GA Democratic Party Chairman Mike Berlon’s assessment: “Tonight’s final Presidential debate clearly demonstrated the vast difference in foreign policy experience between President Obama and Governor Romney. Experience matters. The President won this round and showed that he has earned four more years in office.

“President Obama shared his vision for changes in the Middle East, unequivocally demonstrated his support for Israel, underscored his resolve to guarantee that Iran never develops a nuclear weapon, made clear how important the issue of foreign policy is to our national security and outlined a strategy for dealing with future challenges.

“By contrast, Governor Romney spent most of his time agreeing with the President’s policies on sanctions with Iran, Syria, Afghanistan and Syria, suggested Russia was our biggest national security threat, demonstrated he failed to understand the strategic capabilities of our military by confusing quantity with quality, suggested that a possible trade war with China may be a good idea and tried to explain away his position that the car industry should have been forced into bankruptcy.”

Very nice summary of the night, Chairman Berlon. The CBS poll gave Obama 53% to Romney’s 23% for the clear win.

I liked Rev. Al Sharpton’s prize-fight observation. He said all Romney did was “clinch and hold” just to get through the 90 minutes. Democratic operative Van Jones said that if the debate had lasted another 30 minutes, Romney would have announced his endorsement of President Obama.

And this was the president’s best zinger: “I think Gov. Romney hasn’t spent enough time looking at how our military works. You mentioned the Navy & how we don’t have as many ships as we did in 1916….well Gov. we also have fewer horses & bayonettes…(pause) because the nature of our Military has changed.”

I agree with what he said.

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