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Real Times Media is excited to add Atlanta Daily World to its family. We’re a national, multi-media company specializing in providing original local news, entertainment and lifestyle information in African American markets across the county.

We know that trends are changing. The news and information cycle today is moving at blinding speed. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Cable TV, radio, and national and local print sources are pouring information at you at an overwhelming rate.

We have experienced significant market and mind share growth in our other markets by diversifying the way people engage with our content. That’s why we are making strategic changes at the Atlanta Daily World.

The changes are evident beginning with this new format, our new ADW website, and a significant emphasis on social media. Changes will continue to unfold over the next several weeks and months, in print, online, and in person.

We are thrilled with the direction that the Atlanta Daily World and our other brands at Real Times Media are headed in…in this new media age. We invite you to experience the journey with us.

Hiram Jackson, CEO, Real Times Media


About Real Times Media: Real Times Media is a multimedia company consisting of internet properties, newspapers, niche publishing, marketing services, archive licensing, and premiere events. The leading provider of original local content for African-American related news, entertainment and lifestyle information, Real Times Media has offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Columbus, Detroit, Memphis and Pittsburgh.

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