An iHoliday, anyone?

Cherly_Pearson-McNeil.jpgCheryl Pearson-McNeil
assuming of course this is a tradition that is still being followed, are they doing it from a

classic picture book? Or from an electronic device that ensures “visions of sugarplums”

are literally dancing in full color across a tablet’s screen? Do little girls still ask Santa

for Barbies or Easy Bake Ovens (amazing what a strong light bulb can do, isn’t it)? And,

little boys for trucks and action figures? Do either still ask for shiny new bikes? (I was so

excited the Christmas I got a tandem – you know a bicycle built for two – and I begged

my mom to let me ride it right then and there in the snow … Best Christmas ever)! But,

sadly no. According to a recent Nielsen survey, now when children make out their lists,

there is a very good chance they are asking for an iPad. Yes, you heard me correctly.

Nielsen tracks, measures and analyzes everything consumers watch and purchase

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