When struggle come the family pulls together and comes together. Referring to the traditional photo of the wild west wagons in a circle closed together like an O is where the organizers of the 10th Annual HFTH Easter Resurrection Celebration Event say is their position this year.

Due to the sale of the old City Hall East to developers, the organization had no place to hold the event attended by several thousand of Atlantas’ neediest people. “They deserve a resurrection, don’t they? They deserve a chance at redemption, and we are going to provide that opportunity for them”, states HFTH ED Elisabeth Omilami. Therefore this year organizers will produce the 2011 HFTH Easter Resurrection Celebration Event at the headquarters of the Hosea Feed The Hungry Family Care and Crisis Center located at 1035 Donnelly Avenue S.W., Atlanta Georgia, Sunday April 24th from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM!HFTH Easter Dinner

Hosea Feed The Hungry and Homeless has long been held as the model for emergency services to the poor and needy since its founders Rev. Hosea and Juanita T. Williams produced the first Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner Events in 1970. After their passing in 2000, his daughter and son-in-law expanded the fledgling group to a full time year round organization providing transitional housing, food, financial assistance, case management and neighborhood outreach services to 80,000 people each year, every day all year long.

“This event will be just like our normal monthly outreach services to the 600 people we serve each month here. Many of those who attend will come from the other 75 people we see each and every day here. We will have an early morning service and then begin to serve the community with food, clothing, drinks, toiletries and baby supplies. There will be some haircuts and barber beauty services as well as showers so people can get clean. we are trying to find a mobile Medical Clinic will serve the guests with much needed medical screenings and information about obesity and healthy living,” states organizer Afemo Omilami.

“The challenge for Hosea, now in our 40th year, is that due to fact that we didnt have a space so we made the decision to move ahead with the event late in the schedule, therefore no requests for donations have been sent out. Nevertheless, we will produce the Easter Sunday Event because the poor deserve an Easter too. The Christian tradition of Easter is sullied by the fact the poor can feel demoralized in attending church on Easter Sunday because the those who can afford to usually dress especially opulent on this holiday”, states Elisabeth Omilami. Here at Hosea, we must have this service because this is where Jesus would be, and we believe it is the right thing to do.”

Organizers are asking the public who would like to help to to go out make Easter Baskets that are practical that have shoe, or healthy snacks, or clothes or even school supplies. These baskets will be distributed to the 500 children who will be bussed in to the event.

Interested volunteers or donors can visit www.hoseafeedthehungry.com to see the needs list and give a quick credit card donation to “SAVE A CHILD FOR EASTER” and ask others to help as well. Their belief is ” JUST BECAUSE WE LOST OUR REGULAR SPACE DOESNT MEAN WE WILL CREATE A LOSS TO THOSE IN NEED. Even the more we will remember the example of Christ who died for love and shows us that there is never a place a human cannot rise from.”

For more information visit  www.hoseafeedthehungry.com

call (404) 755-3353



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