DEAR GWEN: My wife wears her clothes too tight

Dear Gwendolyn: I have been married for 15 years. She just turned 50 and is still wearing clothing that is tight and short. During our brief courtship I was flattered. However, now that she is older, I told her she needs to change the way she dresses.

We had a big argument about it and she left. She called two weeks ago wanting to come back? I want her back, but not as she left. Am I being too pushy? -Andrew

Dear Andrew: You are not being pushy, but let me tell you this: Your situation is a prime example of how men react while courting and the changes they make after married. You did not mention anything positive or negative about her character.

You only make mention of her outer appearance, but nothing of the person inside. I come to the conclusion that you are as much to blame for this problem as is your wife. Did you expect to change her? No, you didn’t. I can say this because you were too busy being flattered by the tight and short garments she wore.

Think about it. What was a “turn-on” then is a “turn-off” now. If your only concern is her code of dress, then take her back. She may change or she may never. If the two of you have been married for 15 years, that means she was 35 which was already too old to dress%uFFFDtight and short.

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