Dear Gwen: Grandma put my man out of the house

Dear Gwendolyn:

I will never understand why old people cannot adapt to change. This is the problem: Two years ago I met a man and fell in love. He had a wonderful smile. We met while looking through garbage in the back of a large supermarket.

I was homeless at that time and he was too. A year later my grandmother was told of my bad luck situation and took me in. I was happy until she laid down the rule %uFFFD your man can’t come. I think she was persuaded by my mother who lives lavishly. My mother went back to school and received a pdc (or is it phd?) degree.
Since graduating and getting a fantastic job as director of some government branch, she stopped being concerned for her children. I truly believe that she told grandma not to take in my man. I am a fully grown 42 year old woman. My mom is 61 and grandma is 85. Mothers are now allowing their daughters of teen years to take in their man. If I cannot be with him, then I might as well return to the streets. When two people are in love, they need to be together. I’m grown. Mildred

Dear Mildred:

Yes, but you are poor. Women your age are usually established in a job or own a business. They are not homeless looking through what others have thrown away. There is nothing wrong with being ‘down on your luck.’ But to be in a bad situation and expect someone to come to your rescue %uFFFD and rescue your man as well is pure nonsense.

Let me tell you this: Apparently you have met a man who is not trying to bring his life to a higher level. I say this because you too have resentment towards others who have done well %uFFFD your mother in particular. And by the way, her degree earned is a “Ph.D.” (Doctor of Philsophy). I want to inform you that your whole concept of being an adult is wrong. Think about it. Forty year-old people need to secure a place of their own.

Explore all avenues of developing your skills and education. It is never too late to go back to school. After doing so, I think you will be fine. Mildred, there are many rich people who have a story to tell. They survived the storms of life and came out smelling like a rose – not garbage.

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