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    New House GOP Plan As Debt-Limit Deadline Nears

    (AP) — Time growing desperately short, House Republicans pushed for passage of legislation late Tuesday to prevent a threatened Treasury default, end a 15-day partial government shutdown and extricate divided government from its latest brush with a full political meltdown. The …


    Accelerated Efforts, No Agreement On Gov’t Shutdown, Debt Ceiling

    (AP) — With time running short, President Barack Obama and congressional Republicans accelerated efforts Friday to prevent the U.S. Treasury from default and end a partial government shutdown that stretched into an 11th day. The latest impacts: New aircraft grounded, military chaplains silenced and a crab harvest jeopardized in the …


    Boehner Says GOP Will Vote For Debt Extension

    Facing a fresh deadline, House Speaker John Boehner said Thursday that Republicans would vote to extend the government’s ability to borrow money for six weeks — but still leave the government shutdown in place pending fresh negotiations with President Barack Obama and the Democrats. Obama has insisted the shutdown be ended …