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    Teen Will Have Surgery to Shorten His Unusally Long Neck (Photo)

    *Wow, you have got to admit, there are people struggling with problems most of us never even thought of. A group of surgeons in China are about to perform an operation on a teenage boy who was diagnosed with congenital scoliosis – resulting in an usually long neck. They are hoping to help him alleviate pain […]

    Shay Johnson Addresses Relationship With Scrappy

    * While she’s remained M.I.A. (missing in action) this season of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” Shay Johnson certainly still has something to say. In an exclusive interview with media partner, Shay shares the status of her relationship with Lil Scrappy now that she’s off the series. “No I wasn’t on the show [this season] at all with […]

    John Legend, Chuck D, Lauryn Hill & More Rally for Mike Brown

    *John Legend is one of the stars who stood up and rally for Michael Brown. In the photo above Legend wears a “don’t shoot” shirt in reference to the August 9 shooting of Brown. Other rappers and singers are making their voices heard by stepping foot in Ferguson, Mo and expressing their feelings towards oppression, […]

    TBS Cancels CeeLo’s Reality Show ‘The Good Life’ After 1 Season

    *TBS has had enough of “The Good Life.” CeeLo Green’s reality series has been canceled by the cable channel after just one season, and sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that the decision was based solely on poor ratings, not the backlash over his weekend tweets regarding rape. “CeeLo Green’s The Good Life” – which featured Green, […]

    Snoop Dogg Crashes Wedding in Chicago (Pic)

    *Snoop Dogg was minding his own business at the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago on Sunday when a photographer working a wedding inside spotted him exiting a limo. Imagine the surprise of Neesha Ghadiali and Joe Scheller, who were having their traditional Indian wedding at the hotel when the Long Beach rapper strolled in to congratulate them, pose […]

    Photos of Suge Knight’s Six Bullet Wounds Surface (Pics)

    *TMZ has posted a picture of Suge Knight’s torso filled with 5 bullet holes, and his arm with one gunshot wound – all suffered when a gunman let off shots at a pre-VMA party hosted by Chris Brown. In the graphic pics below, some of Suge’s wounds are still packed with gauze. Also visible is […]

    Rachel Maddow and David Letterman Talk Ferguson (Watch)

    *Like her MSNBC colleagues, Rachel Maddow has covered the shooting of Michael Brown and subsequent protests in Ferguson extensively. Earlier this week, she told David Letterman her thoughts on the story. “It doesn’t make any sense,” Maddow said regarding the militarization of the police force many have cited when talking about Ferguson. “Even small town […]

    Smokey Robinson Urges Corporate Investment in Detroit

    *Smokey Robinson is urging multi-millionaire tycoons to invest in the industrial ghost town of Detroit to create thousands of jobs as a boost for local families. The crooner was born and raised in the city and went on to launch his stellar career on the roster of Detroit-based Motown Records. He has watched in despair […]