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    Beautiful Diversity of Redheads of African Descent Documented

    *When I was a kid, hanging out in metro Detroit with my maternal grandmother was always a hoot. Her very arrival at our house always caused a stir — mainly because of her chalky skin and Lucille Ball-red hair. I was born red-headed, and always loved the story of my dad, upon seeing me in […]

    Zendaya Checks Twitter Hater Who Called her Parents ‘Ugly’

    *Zendaya had to light up a Twitter user who called her parents “ugly” in a recent post. Someone going by @DARRI_MINNIE7 shared a photo of the actress with her mom and dad, Claire Stoermer and Kazembe, along with the words, “her parents really ugly I really would cry.” “While you’re so concerned about what my parents look like, […]

    Chris Brown Rips Baby Mama for Having a BF Accused of Forgery

    *Chris Brown railed against his baby Nia Guzman mama for being a hypocrite, reports TMZ. Breezy says she claims it’s not safe for their daughter Royalty to be around him, but Guzman’s boyfriend is currently wanted for forgery. A Houston TV station reported that cops are searching for King Ba, who is accused of forging […]

    Who Knew?! Chris Brown Owns 14 Burger King Restaurants

    *Musically speaking, Chris Brown is running things in his own lane. Outside of making tunes and thrilling fans with dance moves and wild tats on his noggin, the entertainer has found another lane to conquer with owning not one, but 14(!) Burger King franchises. According to Us Weekly, the revelation came from Brown himself while providing info […]

    Uncle Luke Says Rappers ‘Wasn’t Wifin’ Hoes’ Before Kanye

    *Rappers and athletes have made popular the wifin’ of hos and tricks in recent years, and rap legend Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell is not here for it. The outspoken Miami native blames Kanye West for changing the rap game, telling WatchLOUD, “It used to be a difference, before Kanye West, rappers wasn’t wifin’ all these […]