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    That’s Not a Photo, but a Drawing of Actor Morgan Freeman! (Video)

    *Count yourself pretty hard to impress if you don’t find this portrait of actor Morgan Freeman to be absolutely AMAZING. An 18-year-old British artist used his fingers to create the ultra-realistic picture of the actor – capturing all the characteristics we have come to know him by. The distinguished gray hair, calm, direct stare, on […]

    ‘We love you Bill Cosby!’

    *The scorecard on Bill Cosby reads like this. A dozen or more women have said with only a slight variation in the time, place and circumstance that Cosby seduced them, propositioned them, promised them favors, put them up, even paid them, thendrugged or plied them with alcohol and raped them. One Bill Cosby publicly says […]

    Al-Shabab Said to be Behind Deadly Bus Ambush in Kenya that Kills 28

    *(Via Newsy) – Gunmen suspected to be part of the Al-Shabab terrorist organization seized a bus in northeastern Kenya early Saturday and killed 28 passengers. A passenger who escaped told the BBC the 60 passengers on board were separated into two groups, Somalis and non-Somalis. Those who could not cite passages of the Quran were then executed. The Kenya Red Cross […]

    Justin Bieber Surpasses His Mentor Usher in Success and Popularity (Watch)

    *Usher discovered pop superstar Justin Bieber as a child. Now Bieber is 20 years old and has surpassed Usher in success and popularity. An insider said Usher didn’t think Bieber would outstrip him in success and net worth. For instance, Bieber performs at sold-out arenas and Usher does too, but not at Bieber’s level anymore. “Justin […]

    Look: Serena Williams and Her Cleavage Visit Paris

    We thought you might like an update on Serena Williams. On Thursday the 33-year-old Compton native took her charms to Paris, the City of Light where she took the opportunity to show her fans a peek-a-boo shot of her cleavage. Williams, who was voted WTA player of the year for the sixth time earlier this […]