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    Activist Najee Ali Wants Rihanna’s New Song Off the Air

    *Civil rights activist Najee Ali , executive director of Project Islamic Hope a leading Los Angeles civil rights group is calling upon the removal of the newly released single ” Bitch Better Have My Money,” performed by Hip Hop singer Rihanna,” from the playlist of Real 92.3 a new Los Angeles Hip Hop N’ R&B […]

    Pioneer Black Hollywood Stuntmen Honored by Mississippi Legislature

    *(Via Commercial Appeal) — Willie Harris couldn’t have picked a better time to get shot. On the other end of the .44 magnum stood Clint Eastwood, playing the ultimate cool role of a police detective in the 1971 movie “Dirty Harry.” Aggravated that his lunch was interrupted by a bank robbery, Eastwood strolls across the […]

    Instagram Removes Controversial Photo of Woman Lying on Bed ‘Leaking’

    *Is this taking “artistic expression” a bit far or what? Instagram deleted the picture  above and said it was “violating” the social media’s community guidelines. The photo does not contain any nudity, violence or offensive wording. So why was it deleted? Believing she may have the answer, poet Rupi Kaur reposted the picture after it […]

    Patti LaBelle Reveals Influence on Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child

    *There’s no question that Patti LaBelle has influenced many singers. As for who she directly influenced, just ask the legendary diva herself. LaBelle reflected on her influence regarding the careers of Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child, Rihanna and Toni Braxton during an interview with “Beyoncé used to talk to me for advice. All these young […]

    Ernie Hudson Stars in TV One Film ‘To Hell and Back’

    *For Easter, TV One will air new original film, “To Hell and Back,” the story of a man who loses everything in life – except his faith. The film stars Ernie Hudson and will bow on Saturday, April 4 at 8PM/ET. About the film: A modern day telling of “The Book of Job,” “To Hell and […]