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    Tamar Braxton Cleans Up the Shade She Threw at Her Sister(s)

    *Oh the shade and to have it among famous sisters! The drama is oh so entertaining to witness. But since it’s family, feuding could tear the Braxtons away from each other. Tamar Braxton must’ve realized that when she apologized for comments she made about her sister(s) when it came to talent — feeding into the negativity […]

    Michael Rapaport Reveals Spike Lee Beef Is Dead

     *Looks like the beef between Michael Rapaport and Spike Lee is dead. So says Rapaport, who mentioned that he and Lee squashed their conflict over the phone. “I called him. I reached out to him. To be honest with you, that was the first time I’ve said something that kind of took on a whirlwind,” […]

    This Man Faked Being In A Coma…For Two Years!

    *A man went to great lengths so he wouldn’t get caught for scams that included swindling an elderly man he cared for out of his life’s savings. Alan Knight made folks believe he was quadriplegic – then they discovered him walking around in a grocery store. According to The Guardian, Knight, 47, spent two years faking seizures that […]

    Watch Rescue of Woman from Chimney of Man She Met Online

    *She just couldn’t let him go, I suppose. Genoveva Nunez-Figueroa was apparently so hung up on a guy she had met online and went out with about six-times, that when he decided to end their relationship, she channeled her inner Santa Claus and tried to get into his house through the chimney. Unfortunately, she got […]

    Ray Rice Files Grievance Against The Baltimore Ravens

    *Ray Rice continues to put the legal hand up against the NFL. Media sources report that Rice has filed a grievance against the Baltimore Ravens to challenge the team’s decision to terminate his contract on Sept. 8. Rice argues that the Collective Bargaining Agreement permits one punishment for infraction. In July, the NFL suspended Rice […]

    New Music: Aaron Camper ‘My Heart’

    *There’s something in Aaron Camper’s music that’s elusive, doesn’t allow you to put your finger on it, so you can’t categorize it. That’s the beauty of Aaron Camper, he defies genre by bending melodies toward his feel for a song, creating music that sounds like his emotions. One listen to “My Heart” and you hear […]