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    For Shame! Three Women Caught Stealing Toys from Needy Children

    *Look, we get it. It’s Christmas time and everybody doesn’t have the extra money to buy gifts for the family. But to go out and steal gifts meant for needy children from a donation box? Uh-uh. Not good! And the three women pictured above need their butt kicked. Yeah, I said it! What they did […]

    ‘Black Dynamite’ Presents ‘The Wizard of Watts’ a Musical Movie Special

    *(NEW YORK, NY) – The hit animated series “Black Dynamite” gets the musical treatment when it releases an hour-long movie special titled “The Wizard of Watts” Saturday, January 10th at 10:30 P.M. ET/PT on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. A spin-off of the 2009 instant cult-classic and Sundance favorite by the same name, “Black Dynamite“ follows the title […]

    ‘D Style’: A City of Detroit TV Series (Watch)

    *What makes up Detroit’s uniqueness – its fashion, hair, music, and dance? What’s the personality of Detroit – its cars, boutiques, salons, and big events? We call it…D STYLE!’ That’s the claim! The City of Detroit has released a special TV series titled ‘D Style: The Style of Detroit’ that is airing on local Detroit […]