Blac Chyna gets naked for 'Paper' magazine, just like Kim Kardashian


Blac Chyna channeled her inner Kim Kardashian and posed naked for Paper magazine, which was released today.

Chyna, who also goes by the name Angela Kardashian, did what her future sister-in-law Kim did and revealed her sizable baby bump for public consumption.
PAPER reports:
“On the red carpet at the 2015 MTV VMAs, she and her close friend Amber Rose wore coordinated outfits covered in handwritten slurs, the kind of gendered insults you can find all over their social media pages.
“Stripper, slut, ho, all these things people portray us as — we wanted to start a movement, because we’re tired of this double standard where a guy can f*** ten b***s and he’s the man,” Chyna says.
“A woman does it and she’s a ho, she’s a slut. We wanted to push the barrier,to own it.” She continues, “You can say mean things about me, but it doesn’t matter, we’re still gonna do us … So what if I was a stripper?”
Photographer:@charlie__chops Hair : @kellonderyck; Charlotte Rutherford/Paper Magazine


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