Glenn Beck Defends Melissa Harris-Perry: ‘She’s Way Ahead of Me as a Human Being’ [Video]

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    glenn-beckWhile MSNBC has yet to respond to the social media furor Melissa-Harris Perry has  been subjected to since an ill-advised show segment last weekend which mocked Mitt Romney’s Black grandson, fiery former FOX host Glenn Beck has publicly defended Harris-Perry’s character. He’s also chastising conservatives who are attacking her.

    Read a partial transcript of his on-air letter in support of Harris-Perry and watch the clip below:

    “She apologizes — for what? It was a break with comedians. Yes, it wasn’t nice. Yes, it was hurtful and divisive if that was the intent, but it clearly was not. There are many dishonest, arrogant, and destructive people on MSNBC, but I really don’t think that this, by any means, was an example of a person like that.

    “Going after children, as she said, is not fair game, but that wasn’t her intent. I truly believe that our side, now, is refusing to see her for who she is, and we are engaging now in the worst kind of political destruction.

    “I fear this time, our side sees blood in the water and is going after her and MSNBC. It’s more wrong than anything she said here, especially since their intent is to hurt and destroy, and hers was not.”

    “Will you please pass a note from me to her. I have no idea how to get it to her, but I want her to know that while we may and should meet on the battlefield of ideas, the politics of destruction has got to stop…please let her know that she’s in my family’s prayers tonight and I don’t believe that she is a bad person. And even the best of us screw up.

    “And in the grand scheme of things, if this is her big screwup, she’s way ahead of me as a human being.”

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