Daily Archive: January 24, 2013


    New Walmart Opens in Westside

    Walmart Store Manager Quincy L.A. Springs, IV, is congratulated by Ingrid Saunders Jones, senior vice president, global community connections for The Coca-Cola Company, on Wednesday…


    GOP Demands Obama Resign After Beyonce-Gate (Not Really)

    Republicans are reportedly calling on President Barack Obama to reveal that songstress Beyoncé actually lip synched during his inauguration on Monday and then resign from office immediately, reports The New Yorker’s Borowitz Report. The obscene demand for Obama’s resignation is being spearheaded by Senator Rand Paul, a 50-year-old, …

    white house value

    White House Value Increases With Obamas in Residence

    It’s certainly not your round-the-way single-family home, but it’s a residence nonetheless that has a hefty price tag of $294.9 million. The White House, which has been the official residence and workplace of every president of the United States since John Adams, has actually gone up in value since the Obamas moved in four years ago, according to …