Jermaine Dupri, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Muni Long Honored At ‘ICE Medal Of Honor,’ A Celebration Of Black American Music

Atlanta recently set the stage for an unprecedented celebration of excellence to kick-off Black Music Month. 

Organized by the Black American Music Association (BAMA) and its esteemed board of directors, spearheaded by chairman Michael Mauldin, the inaugural “ICE (Imperial Crown of Excellence) Medal of Honor” marked a historic moment in recognizing the profound impact of Black American music on global culture.

The ambiance of the event was one of sophistication and reverence, with attendees adorned in cocktail attire, gathering to pay tribute to the legends, visionaries, and trailblazers of Black American music. 

ICE Medal of Honor sought to honor individuals whose contributions have not only enriched the world with their talents but have also paved the way for future generations.

In an exclusive interview on the red carpet, Michael Mauldin, the driving force behind the ICE Medal of Honor, articulated the mission of BAMA: “Our organization is all about recognizing and appreciating Black American music… preserving and protecting our legacy and our future.” Mauldin emphasized the significance of establishing a platform dedicated to honoring Black music, akin to other genre-specific awards, affirming the need for Black music to have its own space for recognition and celebration.

Among the esteemed honorees were icons whose careers have shaped the landscape of music across genres. Luminaries such as GRAMMY-winning producers Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, received the Global Creative Impact Honor while also celebrating a remarkable fifty years of professional collaboration. 

Reflecting on their partnership, Jimmy Jam shared insights into their dynamic partnership, highlighting mutual respect. 

“I always tell people we never have ever had an argument because an argument is something you’re trying to win. And if I win an argument, then that means he loses the argument. I don’t want to see him ever lose anything. He feels the same about me. We do have disagreements, but disagreements are something you’re trying to solve,” said Jimmy Jam. 

Robert “Kool” Bell, a founding member of Kool & the Gang, and Grandmaster Flash, a pioneering figure in hip-hop, were also recognized for their monumental contributions.

Grandmaster Flash, renowned for his innovative approach to DJing, underscored the evolution of technology in music and its transformative impact on his craft. “I’m a scientist first,” he said, explaining how advancements such as MP3 technology had revolutionized his ability to connect with audiences globally.

Other honorees included Muni Long, Jermaine Dupri, Bryan-Michael Cox who received the R&B Song of the Year. SoSo Def Records received the Artist Development Label of an Era, LaFace Records was honored with the Artist Development Label of an Era and Domani Harris’ musical talents landed him New Developing Artist of the Year. 

In addition to honoring musical luminaries, the ICE Medal of Honor ceremony also recognized individuals whose leadership and community engagement have made a profound impact. 

Mayor Andre Dickens received the ICE Culture & Community Leadership Honor in recognition of his impactful work. 

The inaugural ICE Medal of Honor celebration left an indelible mark for attendees. It affirmed the enduring legacy of Black creativity and its power to inspire and unite across generations.

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