Exclusive: Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks Expands To Brick-And-Mortar Location In Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Derrick Hayes, the visionary founder and CEO of Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks, has announced a landmark four-year agreement to open a brick-and-mortar location within Atlanta’s iconic Mercedes-Benz Stadium. This significant expansion comes after the success of three portable vendor carts that have been serving Big Dave’s renowned flavors to sports and entertainment enthusiasts since 2022.

The new Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks location, set to replace the existing cart locations, will be situated in Section 107 of Mercedes-Benz Stadium. This prime spot will provide fans with easy access to indulge in Big Dave’s signature cheesesteaks, seasoned fries, and chicken tenders. Additionally, the new stadium outpost will feature a tantalizing new offering – the Fried Chicken Cheesesteak.

In an exclusive interview with ADW, Hayes expressed his gratitude and excitement about this expansion. “For one, I wanted to give it to God. Because without God, this wouldn’t have been possible,” Hayes shared. “We started with two carts in 2022, and people loved it. We showed that there was a demand, and we quickly expanded to three carts. Now, we’ve reached a new milestone with a brick-and-mortar location. Dreams do happen as long as you keep striving for greatness and chasing your dreams.”

Fans can expect an expanded menu at the new location, offering more variety compared to the portable carts. “We’ll have the Fried Chicken Cheesesteak, chicken fingers for the kids, and maybe even eggrolls,” Hayes revealed. “When we had the carts, we were limited to sandwiches and chips. Now, we can offer a full menu, giving people a true taste of Philly right here in Atlanta.”

As part of the extended partnership, Hayes will serve as an Ambassador for the Westside Works Culinary Program, hosted at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in collaboration with Levy Restaurants. This program is a testament to Hayes’ commitment to fostering culinary excellence and community development.

“I’m really excited about the Westside Works Culinary Program because I care so much about the kids and the youth,” Hayes said. “I have the opportunity to be an ambassador for this amazing program, providing kids with jobs and career opportunities when they graduate. I want to inspire them and let them understand how to achieve their dreams, just like I did.”

Hayes’ role will involve speaking engagements, culinary demonstrations, and community events, where he will inspire attendees to explore careers in the culinary arts. He also plans to forge strategic partnerships with premier culinary establishments, enhancing employment opportunities for program graduates, particularly at Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks.

Looking ahead, Hayes is optimistic about the future of Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks. “We’re going to keep on cutting ribbons,” he said with a smile. “I want to keep inspiring people and show them that no matter how hard the journey gets, understanding your mission and purpose is crucial. I see Big Dave’s expanding nationwide. This is just the beginning. Being in one of the biggest stadiums in the country is a testament to believing in my dream and shooting my shot.”

Hayes encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to share their dreams and visions boldly. “Don’t be afraid to tell people about your dreams. Make them think you’re crazy because that’s how much you should believe in it. When people come inside the stadium now, they’ll smell the onions, peppers, and 100% ribeye. We’re here to stay.”

The expansion of Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks into Mercedes-Benz Stadium marks a significant milestone in the growth of the brand and highlights Derrick Hayes’ dedication to excellence, community, and inspiring the next generation of culinary professionals.

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