50 Cent Strikes Deal With Netflix To Distribute His Diddy Documentary

50 Cent struck a deal with Netflix for his highly anticipated Diddy documentary, which promises to shed light on the controversial past and allegations surrounding the hip-hop mogul. 

The multi-part docu-series, akin to “Surviving R. Kelly,” will delve into accusations of sexual assault, domestic violence, and other unsavory behaviors attributed to Diddy.

Produced under his G-Unit Film and Television Studios, known for creating hits like the “Power” franchise and “BMF,” 50 Cent’s documentary sparked a bidding war among various networks and streamers. Ultimately, Netflix was victorious, securing the rights to the project.

“TMZ use this fat boy picture of me because their doc went to Tubi LOL it’s ok guys we’re all making great television mines just happens to be the best! NETFLIX wins the bidding war, but if more victims keep coming out I’m gonna need more episodes,” 50 cent wrote in an Instagram caption. 

This suggestion proved timely, as model Crystal McKinney recently filed a lawsuit against Diddy, alleging sexual assault dating back to 2003. McKinney claims Diddy drugged her at a party before assaulting her.

According to the lawsuit, McKinney asserts that she encountered Combs at a New York City fashion event in 2003, where she contends that Diddy engaged in sexually suggestive behavior towards her in a highly public manner. McKinney alleges that during the event, she smoked marijuana with Sean Combs, believing it to be laced with another substance.

Consequently, Crystal described feeling severely intoxicated from the two and claims that she was then escorted to a restroom by Diddy. In this setting, McKinney claims that Diddy coerced her into performing oral sex on him.

Following the purported assault, McKinney details how Combs effectively blackballed her from the modeling industry. She says his actions led to a suicide attempt the subsequent year.

The lawsuit comes on the heels of the release of disturbing footage showing Diddy physically attacking his ex-girlfriend, Cassie, in 2016. Despite initially denying all allegations, Diddy issued an apology following the public outcry over the footage.

For 50 Cent, the documentary represents a unique opportunity to capitalize on the downfall of his longtime rival. The rapper-turned-producer has a history of feuding with Diddy, and he appears eager to amplify his enemy’s legal troubles through this project.

As the docuseries prepares for release, there’s speculation about whether Diddy will attempt to block its airing. However, for now, details regarding any potential intervention from Diddy remain undisclosed. 

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