‘YapIt’ CEO Alvin Merrifield Talks New Social Media App And Atlanta’s Thriving Tech Scene

Alvin Merrifield understands what it means to disrupt. By blending his cultural background and experiences in two dominant industries, technology and finance, Merrifield seeks to bring a unique approach to the social media industry.

With his new venture YapIt, Merrifield encompasses content sharing, monetization, and health in one app. Currently in its beta stage, YapIt seeks to change how users benefit from the content they share and time they use on social media.

“We use social monetization versus just social media,” Merrifield expressed. “Social media was created solely as a place for users to connect and share. However, over time it has become a multi-billion dollar industry and utility for its users. I realized that as the market changed, people are going to want to be able to get more value out of their time spent online. This is what Yapit is truly about, transforming social media so that everyone can benefit from it.”

Merrifield reveals how he built the framework around this new app.

“I built Yapit as an ecosystem on a social media framework, with the ability to distribute all forms of content,” he said. “Users can currently upload and monetize photos, videos, and audio files. They are able to earn on Yapit with their content through Ads, pay per view, downloads, subscriptions, brand and product placement, shares, likes and comments, just to name a few. And in real time, content creators and users instantly receive a share of the revenue generated by the platform in their integrated wallet we built in. Content creators get to decide what content they want to share for free or for a fee. And users get rewarded for their engagement. It’s a win-win for all.”

Influencers and users can experience the app which is currently in its beta stage.

“Yapit is available for the billions of social users to start using today. And as an incentive, we are rewarding all users, influencers, content creators and businesses, with referral commissions. Yapit has a built-in rewards and loyalty program, showing users from the moment they download the app and create an account, how committed we are to being the App that Pays them.”

Although Silicon Valley stands as the leading area for tech, Merrifield decided to remain in Atlanta to launch his new venture. He spoke on the thriving tech scene in Atlanta.

“I live in Atlanta, so that was easy,” he said.”Part of my vision in building a tech company was really making sure I innovated, not renovated. I wanted to create something that was truly different and with that in mind, I could not go the traditional route many successful tech companies have traveled. Silicon Valley has its model that has been built, Atlanta is building ours and I want to be at the forefront of shaping what that looks like. As a minority in tech, I want to share our journey and success from coloring outside the lines to inspire others with an interest in tech that they can do it wherever they are and however they want. The only requirement is to believe in their vision and stay true to themselves.”




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