Exclusive: Brownie Marie Dishes On New Dating App That Empowers Millennial Women Seeking Mature Men

Renowned celebrity journalist and tech guru Brownie Marie has been recognized for her engaging interviews with high-profile personalities. Now she’s venturing into a new entrepreneurial endeavor with the launch of the Fox Hunters Club dating app. 

Designed to empower millennial women seeking committed relationships with older men in the bustling New York City area dating scene, the app aims to provide a refreshing alternative to traditional dating platforms.

Frustrated by the limited options available on mainstream dating apps, Marie recognized a significant gap in the market for non-transactional connections between millennials and Generation X or baby boomers. Unlike existing platforms that cater primarily to younger demographics, Fox Hunters Club offers a tailored experience for individuals seeking meaningful relationships with partners of varying ages.

In an exclusive interview with Atlanta Daily World, Brownie Marie insights into the inspiration behind the app and her vision for its potential impact on the dating landscape. 

“I was looking to start another business, and at the same time I got back on dating apps just because I didn’t have a way to meet someone. I got on all the typical apps, the OkCupid and the Hinge and the League and all of that. And everyone there was just so young. Those apps are very much skewed younger, and that’s just something that’s consistent on most dating apps. I wasn’t finding what I was looking for.”

She added: “The tech startup in me was like, there’s a gap in the market. Filling a need, something doesn’t exist. Click, click, click!” 

Dispelling misconceptions commonly associated with age-gap relationships, Marie emphasizes that Fox Hunters Club is not a platform for ‘sugar baby’ dating arrangements. Instead, the app fosters genuine connections based on shared interests, values, and compatibility. By leveraging modern technology, Marie aims to challenge societal stigmas and provide a supportive environment for individuals seeking authentic connections.

“It is not a sugar baby app. It’s actually prohibited to ask for gifts, to ask for money. It’s not for that type of person who wants a transactional sugar relationship. There’s plenty of other sites like that that they can join. We are not one of them. I have that up front when I’m discussing Fox Hunters Club,” Marie continues, “I had that in the marketing right up front.”

The Fox Hunters Club app caters to millennial women aged 30 and above, as well as men aged 45 and older, who are committed to pursuing serious relationships. By targeting individuals with similar relationship goals, the app aims to facilitate genuine connections and minimize the challenges commonly encountered on mainstream dating platforms.

Furthermore, Marie has been able to leverage her experience as a celebrity journalist and tech executive in Silicon Valley and New York City to cultivate this one-of-it’s-kind app. She shared transparent insights into her experiences navigating the tech industry as a Black woman. 

“I’ve had so many jobs where I was the only woman, jobs where I was the only Black person, jobs where I was the youngest by decades. Then there’s people minimizing what you contribute, copying you, literally repeating what I just said, like it was their idea,” Marie continued, “Being lied on. I could just go down the line and don’t get me started on the racism. Just blatant. There’s so many times I could have sued.” 

She added: “It’s trying to prove yourself. Luckily, I’ve had a nice welcome in the dating industry space so far. It takes a lot of confidence, knowing who you are, being able to stand up for yourself, not feeling intimidated or not letting it show at least,” Marie said. 

Moreover, Marie lended her advice to Black women who may be navigating some of the same challenges in tech or corporate spaces. 

“Document everything, not just negative things that people say or do, but the positive things about yourself. Things that you’ve achieved. Literally have a list and the date of when it happened. That way when folks come with, you know, oh, you’re not contributing enough or you haven’t stepped up or whatever lies they are trying to try to spill on you. You literally have a list and that helps with your performance evaluations,” Marie said. “That helps when you’re asking for raises and promotions. Just keep track. Make a habit of just jotting everything down in real time when it happens. It’s also a way to encourage yourself and kind of look back through it periodically. All of that is encouraging yourself.” 

With its unique focus on fostering meaningful relationships across generational divides, Brownie Marie has cultivated an app that offers a promising alternative for individuals navigating the complexities of modern dating. 

Since Fox Hunters Club is only for people seeking committed relationships, there’ll be fewer individuals casting a wide net and fewer individuals just swiping mindlessly,” Marie said. “Our members are looking for something healthy, lasting, and attainable. I think even having that mindset makes a big difference when you’re in a relationship.” 

By providing a platform where quality takes precedence over quantity, the app aims to empower users to find lasting love and companionship in an increasingly digital world.

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