The Carr Report: Choosing your life mate…The most important decision you’ll ever make!

Investing in yourself is the best in­vestment you’ll ever make. When you focus on becoming the best version of yourself, you’ll strive to continual­ly learn more, earn more, save more, exercise more, eat healthier, and do things that you love and enjoy.

When you’re seeking a romantic companion, you want to find a person who will enhance the quality of your life. Someone who will encourage you to be the best version of yourself as you do the same for them. No one en­ters a romantic relationship hoping it will end. We enter these relationships hoping to have a life mate. A life mate is a companion for life. A life mate is someone that will be by your side to experience all that life throws your way — both good and bad.

Life is hard in and of itself. Choosing the wrong person will set you back financially, spiritually, mentally and physically. The right person by your side will have you saving money, mak­ing moves and laughing constantly. “Live, Love, and Laugh” is a life we’d all love to live. For that is how we de­fine, “Living Your Best Life!” “Living Your Best Life” is living a life that makes you happy and allows you to be at your full potential. “Living Your Best Life” is about being intentional with the way you choose to live.

In life, the person we choose to be our life mate can have a profound impact on our well-being, our success, and our overall quality of life. This is the per­son that you’ll decide to build a life with. You’ll make life’s biggest deci­sions together. Decisions like where to live, having children, raising children, buying homes, buying cars, saving for emergencies, saving for retirement, and other goals. This is the person that will be by your side during job layoffs, health issues, and the loss of family members and close friends. Your life mate is the person that may have to make the most difficult decision of all regarding your life — deciding wheth­er or not to pull the plug on your life in the event you’re incapacitated, on life support and can’t make the decision for yourself.

This is why I believe that choosing your life mate is the most important decision that you’ll ever make. When you find the right person to have by your side, the benefits go far beyond just companionship. This is someone you want to build and grow with, not self-destruct with. Someone that you believe will always have your best in­terest at heart.

How do you know if you have the right person by your side? This per­son will have you saving money, living better, making moves, and laughing constantly.

Saving Money: Having the right person by your side can be a financial game-changer. Together you stand! Divided you fall! You’ll both under­stand that you are one economic unit. There’s no I, yours or mines. Only “We.” Both of you will have a voice and opinion regarding money matters. Your life mate will provide support and accountability when it comes to sticking to a budget, saving money, investing money, making smart financial decisions, and setting and achieving financial goals. Your life mate will not be afraid to challenge you when you’re doing things that set you (us) back financially. Whether it’s through sharing expenses, encouraging frugality, inspiring each other to higher earning po­tential, or helping you stay on track with your savings, the right person can help you build a secure financial future together.­

Living Better: The right person will be your num­ber one cheerleader. They will take delight in seeing you smile and enjoying yourself. The right person can bring positivity, en­couragement, and support into your life, leading to an overall improvement in your well-being. They are there to celebrate your suc­cesses, lift you up during tough times, and inspire you to be the best version of yourself. The right per­son will encourage you to do things that help in­crease the longevity of your life. Things like exercising, eating better, and focusing on your mental health. The right person will dis­courage you and ask you to put limits on things that curtail longevity such as smoking, drinking, and using recreational drugs. By fostering a healthy and happy relationship, you can experience a height­ened sense of fulfillment and contentment in your everyday life.

Making Moves: When you have someone who believes in you and sup­ports your ambitions, you are more likely to take risks, pursue your goals, and make bold moves in your career and person­al life. The wrong person will consistently remind you of your flaws and im­perfections. The wrong person will have you walk­ing on eggshells and sec­ond-guessing yourself. You don’t want that! The right person will be a sound­ing board for your ideas, a source of motivation and inspiration, and a partner in navigating the challeng­es and opportunities that come your way. Togeth­er, you can make strides towards achieving your dreams and aspirations.

Laughing Constantly: Laughter is good for the soul! It lightens the mood. It releases tension. It calms your nerves. It puts a smile on your face. It brings you joy. Laughter is truly the best medicine, and having someone who can make you laugh constantly is a treasure. The wrong per­son consistently brings you stress, heartache and pain. The right person can bring joy, humor, and light-heart­edness into your life, help­ing you to see the brighter side of things and share moments of pure happi­ness together. Laughter strengthens bonds, re­lieves stress, and creates unforgettable memories that you can cherish for a lifetime.

The right companion in life does more than just fill a void; they enhance every aspect of your existence. From saving money and living a better life to pursu­ing ambitions and finding joy in the smallest things, the impact of a supportive partner is all-encompass­ing. It’s a testament to the fact that sometimes, the best investment you can make is in the peo­ple you choose to have by your side. So, cherish those who make you laugh, push you to grow, support your dreams, and help you save; they’re the ones who truly make life’s journey worth every step.

(Damon Carr, Money Coach can be reached at 412-216-1013 or visit his website at www.da­



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