Woman Goes Viral After Slamming Man’s First Date Idea To Feed Homeless

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A woman went viral on social media for sharing her idea of a first date gone wrong.

X user Big Mimosa said she had mentioned to her date that she feeds the homeless at least once a month. The woman revealed in a viral tweet that the man later asked her to do the same activity as their first date.

The X user was critical of the man’s first date idea of taking her to feed the homeless.

“N—a invited me on a date to go feed the homeless…………as a first date………cuz I said once a month I go feed the homeless,” she tweeted. “So his brain told him that should be a date? If I’m meant to be single forever, I’m okay with that but please stop sending stupid my way.”

The tweet, shared on March 27, has garnered over 5.1 million views and conflicting responses.

Some social media users said feeding the homeless isn’t a bad idea for a date, but just wrong for the first one.

“I think this is a good idea for a 5th date or [something] but definitely not the first date,” one X user tweeted.

“That could be like a couple thing in the future but a first few dates is seeing who you are,” another user chimed in.

Other users pointed out that the man was likely trying to be thoughtful by choosing a date that fit her interests.

“A man incorporating your hobbies/interests in the first date is mad unselfish and rare, you just didn’t like him enough and that’s okay,” one person said.

“Thanks for the date, but I prefer more traditional dates. Let’s continue to do this but planned between the two of us. I appreciate the thoughtfulness,” another user tweeted, suggesting how the woman should’ve responded to her date’s offer.

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