‘Art, Beats and Lyrics’ Chronicles Two Decades Of Creative Genius In New Documentary

Art enthusiasts and culture aficionados gathered at Silverspot Cinema in Atlanta for a special screening of the documentary “Art, Beats and Lyrics: The Untold Story Of The Dopest Art Show In America.” Produced by Jabari Graham and curated by Dwayne “Dubelyoo” Wright. The documentary sheds light on the remarkable journey of the renowned art show over the past two decades.

Art, Beats and Lyrics (AB + L), presented by Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, initially started off as a local Atlanta art show, has grown to support visionary artists and musicians who value authenticity, creativity, and individuality. With those themes so vividly displayed throughout their art pieces across the country. 

“When we first got out there, there weren’t a lot of places where we could show our work. Galleries really weren’t feeling it like that, people were still doing street art and a lot of people in the industry were really graffiti artists and people that painted corporate murals,” Wright said. 

The documentary delves into the show’s groundbreaking evolution. With raw archival footage taking you back in time — showcasing AB + L’s impact on the urban art scene and the Black art community. 

During a Q&A session following the screening, the show’s creators shared their reflections on reaching the milestone of 20 years. 

Graham expressed his gratitude, stating, “I never imagined I could be having this conversation right now. To still be doing this and keeping good relationships in doing it.” He continued, “I just think it’s really cool because as the program showed [in the beginning] I did try to get my name out there because my resume wasn’t hitting on anything. I thought I needed to get my name out there to try to find a job. And in doing that, I created a job.” 

Wright echoed this sentiment, acknowledging the unexpected longevity of the show. “For 20 years of shows and almost 200 of them under our belt, I didn’t think that was something that was going to happen,” he admitted. 

The documentary also featured insights from some of AB + L’s talented artists. Including Lisette Correa a.k.a Arrrt Addict, who shared her journey with Art, Beats and Lyrics. Reflecting on her experience, Lisette expressed gratitude for the opportunity to grow as an artist within the vibrant creative hub. “Art, Beats, and Lyrics has really defined who Arrrt Addict has become in a lot of ways,” she said. “Being around a room of creatives where you don’t feel like people are critiquing you in a way where you feel judged, you feel like people are amplifying you.”

In addition to celebrating the achievements of the past, the event provided an opportunity to discuss the future of the urban art scene. 

Wright highlighted the evolution of the art show and its impact on artists’ growth and development. “Every year, people try to push themselves harder and harder,” he explained. “The work has gotten better and better and more impressive over the years.”

As the evening came to a close, attendees were left captivated by the rich history and creative spirit of Art, Beats and Lyrics. Poised to not disappoint, the 20th anniversary tour stops include Miami, Las Vegas, Indianapolis, Detroit, Houston, Atlanta, New York, Seattle, Los Angeles and New Orleans. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore art from visual creatives across the country. 

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