How The Athlete’s Foot Celebrated Air Max Day In Atlanta

March 26 stands as national Air Max Day, a time for sneaker heads to celebrate the iconic shoe. In Atlanta, The Athlete’s Foot celebrated the day with the “Maxxed Out” reality event. 

The hypervisual experience aimed to bridge the connection between Airmax products and the digital realm, offering a unique blend of physical and digital interactions. 

“Maxxed Out Confessional Video Series” that delves into the intersection of the digital and real worlds and their implications for the future. Attendees explored how to “maxx out” their reality through various interactive experiences. 

“We’re celebrating Air Max Day so happy Air Max day,” said Cassidy Dansberry, marketing manager for The Athlete’s Foot. “You’ll see the virtual reality games. We also connected with the local Gen Z influencers in Atlanta who share how they’re maxing out their reality and how they’re moving forward in the future.”

The event also celebrated the release of the Nike Air Max DN sneaker. 

“We’re celebrating the new silhouette which comes in with a bunch of different colorways, so it’s vibrant,” Dansberry said. “It’s definitely to attract the Gen Z audience. And so that’s what today’s event is really about, attracting Gen Z and they’re maxed out reality.”

Notable attendees included Cam the Artisan and Jasun Jabbar.

First launched in 1987, the Air Max became one of Nike’s most popular sneakers.

“It’s a national holiday for sneakerheads,” Dansberry said. “So, it’s good to see everybody coming out from the community and celebrate.”

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