Dollie S. Bishop Shares What Can Be Expected At 2nd Annual Black Effect Podcast Festival


Excitement is in the air for the 2nd Annual Black Effect Podcast Festival. Hosted by the dynamic duo of B. Daht and Pretty Vee, this year’s event will take place on April 27 at Pullman Yards in Atlanta and promises to be a day filled with inspiration, empowerment, and celebration of Black voices in the podcasting world.

With an impressive lineup of speakers and panelists, attendees can expect an unforgettable experience. In addition to the notable presence of John Hope Bryant and Daymond John, festival-goers will have the opportunity to engage with a diverse array of voices and perspectives. From renowned podcasters like Jess Hilarious and Devi Brown to dynamite talents such as Will Lucas of “Black Tech Green Money,” the festival will showcase the depth of Black creatives.

In an exclusive interview with ADW, President of Production and Creative Development at Black Effect Podcast Network, Dollie S. Bishop gave us a glimpse into what to expect at the festival. 

“We have some really great heavy hitters in entertainment. Some who people know their work but may not know who they are like Ashaunna Ayars who’s joining us for the branding and money podcast panel. She is a marketing genius. She is the person that created the Mary J. Blige’s Strength of a Woman Festival. She’s also the one who created the Jeezy snowman and that whole era,” Bishop said. 

The festival’s programming will cover a wide range of themes and topics, reflecting the diversity of voices within the Black community. From discussions on mental health and wellness to conversations about entrepreneurship and branding, attendees can expect insightful and thought-provoking conversations that resonate long after the event concludes.

Beyond the informative discussions and live podcast recordings, the festival will offer a variety of interactive activities for attendees to enjoy. Partnerships with brands like AT&T, Nissan, and State Farm will provide opportunities for gaming, networking, and even professional development sessions. Attendees can take advantage of resources like the “Pitch Your Podcast Booth” which is sponsored by Nissan and engage in one-on-one conversations with industry professionals. 

“One of our podcasts is called The Trap Nerds. They’re into gaming, anime, and sports. They’re going to host this gaming lounge and AT&T is partnering with us on that. In addition to young entrepreneurs and people who aspire to be in the entertainment medium, we have something called office hours where you get to talk to professionals. Many of them are within the Black Effect, iHeart team.” 

Through initiatives like the Thrill of the Possibility Summit and ongoing support for aspiring podcasters, the Black Effect Podcast Network continues to serve as a beacon of empowerment and inspiration for the broader podcasting community. And, according to Nielsen, podcasting will see the most growth of any media channel in 2024 by 2X. 

“We are here to be helpful, insightful and give as much game or information that we can when it comes to the podcasting space. And we also want to make sure that we’re showcasing the incredible talent, the incredible voices and the incredible messaging that we have on the network. That’s why we created the festival. It’s truly a celebration of those who are a part of the network.” 

Looking ahead, the future of the Black Effect Podcast Network is one of continued growth and expansion. “[My hopes for the network] are easy and that’s to reach every hole and space of the world that we can.” 

As the countdown to the festival begins, excitement is building for what promises to be a day filled with inspiration, empowerment, and celebration of Black voices. Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster, aspiring content creator, or simply a fan of compelling storytelling, the Black Effect Podcast Festival is an event not to be missed.



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