Usher’s Super Bowl Halftime Show Inspires Georgia Lawmaker To Create Statewide Music Office

Following Usher’s awe-inspiring Super Bowl Halftime Show, a Georgia lawmaker has introduced a bill that would create the Georgia Statewide Music Office. 

Sponsored by State Representative Tyler Paul Smith, House Bill 549 would allow the Creative Arts and Entertainment Committee to appoint a statewide music advisory council. The council would feature music industry leaders, studio owners, and artists that would help to support and cultivate music artists in Georgia. 

During the meeting on Feb. 12, Smith mentioned Ushers’s Super Bowl Halftime Show. Usher made it a point to shine light on Atlanta and its culture throughout the performance. 

“That was the influence that Atlanta has had on me,” Usher shared during a press conference days before the big game. “So much so that I collected everything that I experienced and I’ve benefited from in Atlanta. And I brought that culture to Las Vegas. And now to the rest of the world with the Super Bowl Halftime Show.”

House Bill 549 would also seek an increase of revenue from the music industry. When compared to Nashville, Georgia brings in $6 billion less annually when it comes to the music industry. Tennessee has made it a point to support its music industry by having a music office. Georgia does not have one. 

Atlanta’s music scene has a major impact to the city and state’s economy. With a thriving music industry, multiple jobs are created. According to Georgia Music Partners (GMP), in partnership with Fulton County, Fulton County’s music industry grew by 110% from 2001 to 2018 – six times the growth rate of Fulton County’s economy as a whole.

Recording studios have played a major role in helping the economy’s growth. The study reveals that Fulton County ranks sixth among U.S. counties with registered sound recording industry establishments, with 1.4% of the total recording industry establishments in the U.S.

Furthermore, One-third of Georgia’s music industry is located within Fulton County, with more than 130 recording studios, as well as rehearsal spaces, music performance venues, industry organizations and more.

Atlanta’s music scene has witnessed several eras throughout its 30-year run. Starting with Usher, OutKast, TLC, Toni Braxton and So So Def in the 1990s, the torch would be passed to Lil Jon and the crunk music era in the early 2000s. The snap music era would have a run in the early 2000s before the Trap music scene would takeover and stand for years. 

Usher’s Super Bowl performance proved to the world that Atlanta’s impact in music is undeniable. 

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