How Usher’s Super Bowl Halftime Show Will Unfold: A Bold Prediction

Imagine this. It’s Super Bowl Sunday and the Kansas City Chiefs lead the San Francisco 49ers 17-13 at halftime. Both team head to the their respective locker rooms and the lights dim at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. Now, the real show begins. 

After moments of stillness, Usher stands near the ceiling of the stadium before jumping. A bungee cord holds him against gravity as descends to the stage while opening with the song, “OMG.” Once he lands safely on stage, the bungee cord is detached from his body as he joins hundreds of dancers. The energy remains high, having a festival-like feel as he transitions into his EDM-era with “DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again” and “Without You.”

He then goes into his ’90s R&B bag starting with “U Don’t Have To Call,” boldly testifying, “Don’t leave your girl ’round me, true player for real!” Usher continues by performing snippets of “You Make Me Wanna,” “U Remind Me,” and slowing things down a bit with “Nice & Slow.” Millions sing in unison as Usher belts, “It’s seven o’clock, on the dot, I’m in my drop top!” Usher shares his deepest lessons on love with “Confessions Part II.”

Usher picks the energy back up by performing “Love In This Club” and is then joined on stage by Alicia Keys as the first special guest for their duet, “My Boo.” 

The final minutes of the set is dedicated specifically to Atlanta. 

Usher brings Atlanta-based artists 21 Savage and Summer Walker to the stage as they perform his latest hit, “Good, Good.”

Usher is then joined on stage by fellow ATLiens, Ludacris and Lil Jon as they perform the “Crunk & B” hit, “Lovers and Friends.” It’s another moment where millions will sing “Uh, oh-oh-oh,” along with Usher. The crowd will also join Lil Jon as he chants, “Shawty,” in between lyrics. 

The performance reaches its crescendo after Usher yells, “Peace up, A-Town down,” closing the night with the mega-hit produced by Lil Jon, “Yeah.”

Fireworks erupt inside Allegiant Stadium as Atlanta’s biggest musical act, shines on the world’s biggest stage. It only lasts 13 minutes, but it feels like forever. A moment in time that will go down in Super Bowl history. 







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