Rap Legends and Entrepreneurs Sue Walmart for Product Discrimination Against Cereal

Snoop Dogg and Master P, two famous rappers, have filed a lawsuit against Walmart, a US supermarket chain, and Post Consumer Brands, a food manufacturer. They allege that both companies conspired to undermine their newly launched breakfast cereal business.
Last summer, Snoop Cereal, the first Black-owned cereal company in the US, was launched by parent company Broadus Foods. Master P, hailing the company, stated, “For over 100 years, we have been consumers and never owners, so we’re changing that game.” Post was chosen as the partner for producing the cereal.
Billboard reported allegations of “diabolical actions” and “underhanded dealings” by Post, who supposedly attempted to squeeze Broadus Foods out of the market after the rappers declined to sell their company to Post as a whole.
The filed lawsuit on Tuesday alleges that “Post collaborated with Walmart to prevent the appearance of any boxes of Snoop Cereal on store shelves”. According to the lawsuit, the supermarket allegedly deceived customers by falsely indicating that the cereal was unavailable, even though boxes were concealed in stockrooms and coded to prevent placement on store shelves.
Walmart has stated that the company values its relationships with suppliers and has a strong history of supporting entrepreneurs. However, Post Consumer Brands has not responded to the suit. Consumer demand, seasonality, and price are just a few of the factors that influence the sales of any product. Once served with the complaint, we will respond to the court accordingly.
After the lawsuit was filed, Master P posted a video comment, where he mentioned his intention to build a family brand without specifically naming the lawsuit. Guess what? Dr. Martin Luther King not only fought against racism but also showed us how to dream. In corporate America, we are striving for equal rights for everyone.
In 2022, Snoop Cereal, originally known as Snoop Loopz, faced opposition from Kellogg’s, who argued that its name was a trademark infringement on their Froot Loops brand. Broadus Foods launched a separate breakfast brand, Momma Snoop, in the same year. The brand offers maple syrup and oatmeal products.
Broadus Foods, in a statement on its website, expresses its commitment to promoting economic empowerment. The company aims to achieve this by enhancing diversity in the grocery stores industry, as well as creating opportunities for minority-owned food products and brands.

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