Kountry Wayne is Coming for Atlanta’s Favorite Son, Tyler Perry

Georgia native Kountry Wayne is vying for the title of Black media mogul which currently belongs to Atlanta’s own Tyler Perry.
DeWayne Colley, aka Kountry Wayne similar to Perry, had a tough childhood in rural Georgia. Both men faced challenges with a father in prison and involvement in criminal activities. But the parallels between the two media kings don’t end there. 

Perry has navigated a significant evolution throughout his career. He started out by writing and performing in stage plays, which eventually led him to create his own film studio. Perry’s work often explores important social issues and relies heavily on comedy to deliver its messages. He has also been praised for creating complex and relatable characters, particularly within the African American community. Perry’s success has earned him numerous awards and accolades, and he continues to be a prominent figure in both the film and television industries. His evolution as a writer, actor, and filmmaker has had a profound impact on the entertainment industry.

Similarly to Perry, Wayne’s initial attempt at a career in rap was unsuccessful, but both individuals eventually discovered their true talents through personal growth and development.

In the early 2000s, Perry became a billion-dollar-net-worth mogul by leveraging an untapped market – Black Christian women – to build a multimedia film and television business.

In a lane of his own, Wayne, 36, has tapped into the same market with a more contemporary approach. His short videos, which have gone viral for years, have evolved into an ongoing soap opera consisting of many parts, accumulating millions of views.

Wayne, a visionary in his own right with his clear and innovative thinking, is making his own mark in the entertainment industry and is finding great success in the process. His ability to think outside the box, coupled with his determination and passion, is driving him and his career full steam ahead. Wayne’s vision and leadership have inspired and motivated him and his team to achieve their goals. With his strategic mindset and strong communication skills, he has successfully guided the team through challenges and brought about positive change. Wayne’s ability to inspire and empower others sets him apart as a true visionary. He continues to push the boundaries and embrace new ideas, always looking towards the future. Wayne’s vision has transformed the team into a high-performing and forward-thinking unit.

In 2014, Wayne shared his initial internet videos on the now-defunct social media platform Vine, which was a precursor to TikTok. In 2018, his television debut came when he appeared on Nick Cannon’s “Wild ‘n Out.” His comedic takes on life, family, and dating, often delivered in his distinctive southern drawl while speaking directly into the camera, played a significant role in this achievement.
In various straight-to-streaming film roles and as a co-host on the BET+ reality series “I Love Us,” he spent the next few years. However, he truly found his wealth, both literally and financially, through his short skit videos on social media.

Wayne’s recognition of the “secret sauce” for his viral videos was clear from the start – writing about subjects that consistently spark debate among Black individuals, such as dating, infidelity, and managing complex relationships involving children. Viewers, regardless of if they even bother watching the full clip, are typically frothing at the fingers to let their feelings be known in his comments sections, which are on fire.
His popular YouTube video focusing on women cheating is not surprising. For instance, Wayne’s take on women cheating focuses on the display varying emotional reactions. Wayne Colley, known by his stage name Kountry Wayne, is an American comedian and social media personality. He gained popularity through his funny videos on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, where he shares his humorous take on relationships, family life, and everyday situations. With his unique style of storytelling and down-to-earth persona, Kountry Wayne has amassed a large following and has performed in comedy clubs and theaters across the United States. He is also an entrepreneur and has launched his own merchandise line, further expanding his brand. In addition to his online presence, Kountry Wayne has made appearances on television shows and podcasts, further solidifying his presence in the entertainment industry.
With Wayne gaining fame, more celebrities began appearing in his skit videos. These included southern rappers like T.I., Yung Joc, and Lil’ Boosie. When he began shooting and sharing serialized videos, he ventured into uncharted territory.
Perry, a master in the realm of Black soap opera, excelled in its feature-length format across various mediums – from stage to film and television. In contrast, Wayne took a different approach by presenting it in easily digestible skits lasting only 3 to 4 minutes. Such brevity allows audiences to enjoy them conveniently, whether it be while waiting in line at a grocery store or picking up their children from school.
Unlike your mama’s “General Hospital” or “One Life to Live,” the skits are relatable, gasp-worthy, hilarious, and unapologetically Black melodrama, making them anything but dry.

Anthony O. Dalton and his wife, Amber Tai Hemphill, are embroiled in ongoing drama among the various storylines. Before their marriage, Amber apparently had an affair with their friend Wayne. Anthony, who is not entirely innocent either, recently discovered the truth and is now venting his anger by involving friends and family in a mini-rampage.

A messy, cheesy tale is everything Black folks want, including tears, threats of violence, side-eyes, and pretty much everything.

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