Chaka Zulu Acted In Self-Defense Following Dispute That Led To Murder, Prosecutors Say

Fulton County prosecutors have dropped felony charges against Chaka Zulu. On Nov. 22, prosecutors stated that Zulu acted in self-defense when he shot and killed a 23-year-old male in 2022.

In a statement Fani Willis said, “The Atlanta Police Department made an arrest on charges determined at a standard of probable cause, which is their duty in this and all cases The District Attorney’s office investigates cases to determine what can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt at trial…Our investigation of the facts and analysis of applicable law indicates that this is an appropriate resolution of this case based on the standard of proof required. Because the defendant is now involved in a pre-indictment diversion program, we will not comment further about the matter at this time.”

Ludacris’ longtime manager and business partner was initially charged with aggravated assault, possession of firearm during commission of a felony and simple battery.  

During the incident captured on video, four men are seen in the parking lot arguing with Zulu and another male. Zulu attempted to bring calm to the situation while encouraging the man next to him to not pull out what appears to be a weapon. The four men decide to approach Zulu and the other male. One of the men in the group of four punched Zulu who immediately fell to the ground. The group of men stomped and punched Zulu during the altercation. Other people in the parking lot attempted to stop the fight, but one of the men in the group of four punched a woman in the face who fell to the ground. 

Zulu’s attorney Gabe Banks released a statement following the charges being dropped. 

“Mr. Chaka Zulu, a beloved son of Atlanta, is pleased with the outcome of the thorough investigation conducted by District Attorney Fani Willis and her team of lawyers and investigators.  From the beginning of this case, Mr. Zulu was committed to a fair process.  He fully believes that after a thoughtful examination of all the facts and evidence related to this matter, District Attorney Willis reached an appropriate and just decision.  It is not lost on Mr. Zulu that there was a loss of life under extraordinary circumstances.  However, it is now time for Mr. Zulu to put this difficult process behind him, and to focus on the support and nurturing of his family. Accordingly, we respectfully request privacy at this time, and that any inquiries be directed to the office of Gabe Banks, Esq.”

Zulu entered the entertainment industry in the 1990s as a music director and an on-air personality at Atlanta’s Hot 97.5 (now 107.9). However, he would eventually join fellow Hot 97.5 radio personality Ludacris as the co-founder of Disturbing Tha Peace, a record label and entertainment company.

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