Southern Soul Icon, Bigg Robb’s, new single ‘Black Woman Magic’ celebrates Black Love (Video)

“Black Woman Magic,” the latest single from Southern Soul icon Bigg Robb’s newest album Vintage is a love letter to Black Women for their strength, beauty, resilience, and nurturing. While the social media stratosphere debates about whether The Cheesecake Factory is the right place for a date, Bigg Robb’s single talks about relationships where black men and women mutually care for and support each other.
“Our Black Women have consistently endured and ensured that her man, children, and extended family feel loved and appreciated,” shares Bigg Robb. “‘I wrote ‘Black Woman Magic’ and directed its video to celebrate the black love that exists between Black Men and Women in our culture in hopes that our mothers, sisters, and daughters feel more appreciated! It’s not about where he takes you and how much he spends on a date, but how we care and look out for and treat each other!”

“My desire is that every woman of color would post a reel singing the chorus, ‘I’ve Got that Black Woman Magic!’ using #Blackwomanmagic. To the Men, post and tag your lady for bringing #Blackwomanmagic into your life! We have to celebrate ourselves and get back to celebrating #BlackLove!”

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